Tuesday 18 May 2010


“Goodyear makes safety in the wet its priority” – Kim Adams, Consumer Editor: Auto Express

Leading UK Motoring Magazine ‘Auto Express’ has published its annual Product Awards, honouring the best products in many car parts and accessory sector. The Awards rank the best aftermarket components for cars, ranging from sat-navs to car polish. In the tyre category, Goodyear received a double commendation for the Goodyear OptiGrip and Goodyear Excellence tyres to build on its test win in one of the major Auto Express tyre tests in 2009.

The award for the OptiGrip follows its storming performance in the respected magazine’s annual tyre test, where it scored 99.7%. In one of the wet tests, Auto Express declared the Goodyear performance as ‘Amazing’.

The Goodyear OptiGrip, which features innovative SmartWear Technology, continues a long tradition of success for Goodyear in the Auto Express Product Awards. In 2008, the OptiGrip’s forerunner, the Goodyear HydraGrip, won an ‘Auto Express Product Honour’ for its exceptional wet weather safety after taking overall top spot in their previous annual tyre test.

Kim Adams, Consumer Editor at Auto Express stated: “Goodyear makes safety in the wet its priority. The OptiGrip aims to maintain that even when it is worn, and performed superbly on the aquaplaning track. If grip when the heavens open is top of your requirements, look no further”

The Goodyear Excellence was rated as a top choice for the family ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’ sector. This fast-growing sector, characterized by vehicles such as VW Tiguans or Toyota RAV4. Goodyear was declared the outright winner in the magazine’s test of five tyre brands across a range of handling and safety tests.

“It’s no surprise to see Goodyear at the top of these results as the US giant really knows how to build tyres that are good in the wet” added Kim

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