Tuesday 11 May 2010

Green Boost for Cumbernauld Motorists

Motorists in Cumbernauld will find it even easier to go green this week when Autogas LPG becomes available at the Shell Old Inns service station on Landsdowne Drive.

LPG is the most accessible alternative road fuel in the UK and offers both environmental and financial benefits for motorists.

Last year, a study reported by the BBC(1) found that children are at greatest risk from harmful small particles in traffic pollution. It highlighted that these microscopic particles, known as PM10s, can contribute to both environmental and health problems, and given that children breath air closer to the roadside than adults, they are most at risk.

LPG produces far fewer harmful PM10 particles than other road fuels, emitting up to 120 times less than diesel vehicles2. Added benefits include 17% less carbon dioxide emissions than petrol and 2% less than diesel, and 120 per cent less NOx than petrol and staggering 2,000 per cent less than diesel.

Emma Bartle, from Autogas, the UK’s leading automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier, explains: “The introduction of LPG to Cumbernauld now means motorists can easily switch to a greener alternative motoring fuel, reducing roadside pollutants and improving air quality for the children in the area.

“Further advantages include cost savings as LPG currently retails at around half the price of petrol and diesel3. The cost of converting a vehicle to run on LPG can be recouped in under two years leaving motorists to enjoy ongoing savings on the cost of running a vehicle4.”

The new LPG refuelling site at Shell Old Ins M80 Wardpark is located in Cumbernauld Village off the A80.

The total number of LPG stations in the UK is over 1,4005 and LPG availability is core to the company’s policy of delivering fuel to the thousands of LPG motorists.

Emma continues: “Autogas is committed to providing LPG customers with a wide-range of convenient and accessible service stations offering LPG. “With over 160,000 vehicles now being powered by LPG it’s vital we continually increase the number of available refuelling locations.

“Anyone thinking of converting their vehicle to run on LPG can be assured they will be no more than five6 miles away from an LPG service station in major conurbations, a figure which is continually monitored.

“Conversions should always be carried out by an LPGA Approved Installer who will comply with set safety standards, has undergone extensive training and examinations and can advise on the most suitable system for your vehicle.”

There are around 220 outlets currently supplied by Autogas in the UK and a full list can be found at www.autogas.ltd.uk.

For further information on Autogas and how to convert your petrol vehicle to run on LPG, visit www.autogas.ltd.uk. Motorists can also follow Autogas on Twitter at www.twitter.com/AutogasLPG to learn about the latest site openings and company information.
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Notes to editors:
1 The original BBC report can be found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8092182.stm
2 Small particle emissions are related to health effects including increased risk of heart and lung disease and problems such as asthma. All figures taken form the European Emissions Testing Programme 2003
3 www.petrolprices.com Average UK fuel prices for 8 March 2010: Petrol 114.3p, Diesel 115.3, LPG 61.5p.
4 Savings are based on official combined consumption figures published on www.renault.co.uk for 2.0 16V Laguna Sport Tourer assuming a 20% reduction for LPG. National average fuel prices taken from www.fleetnews.co.uk. In order to calculate potential fuel savings, Autogas has made a savings calculator available on its web site: www.autogas.ltd.uk.
5 Source: UKLPG
6 Based on LPG forecourt availability within London/M25, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Leicester, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Newcastle, Durham, Aberdeen

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