Wednesday 26 May 2010

Motorists told to stay cool with HiQ

As temperatures begin to soar across the UK, the HiQ fast fit network is giving drivers a reason to stay cool, courtesy of free summer car safety checks.

Selected HiQ centres are offering an eight point health check for motorists across the town as traffic jams and long journeys put extra pressures on vehicles and increased stress levels for passengers.

The free safety checks include tyre, battery and windscreen inspections and it is hoped drivers will flock to the forecourt in an attempt to stay safer in the sunshine.

HiQ’s marketing manager Geraldine McGovern believes that a little forward planning is all that is needed for motorists to stay cool in the heat

She said: “The longer journeys we make do put additional pressures on cars and passengers alike. HiQ’s free safety check will make sure customers’ cars are ready and more confident about taking to the road.”

HiQ’s comprehensive checks cover the following areas:

Tyres: checking and adjusting pressures on all five tyres, including tread depth and wheel alignment
Battery: check battery and clean and grease terminals.
Windscreen: check condition of front and rear wiper blades, washers and headlamps.
Lights and horns: check condition of side, tail, main, dip, stop, reverse, indicators, hazard,
Engine: check engine oil and filter, run engine, check for leaks
Exhaust: Inspect and report on the condition of the exhaust
Fan belt: inspect fan belt and adjust if necessary
Coolant hose: Inspect hoses and fasteners, radiators and connections, antifreeze and check for leaks

HiQ is attempting to revolutionise the fast fit industry wit a ‘fast fit you can be sure of’ industry message.

Geraldine added: ““Our centres are being redeveloped to bring them in line with customer expectations and our open and honest pricing based on the principles ‘the price we quote is the price you pay’ is also key to retaining the customers we have.

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