Wednesday 22 December 2010


A survey has revealed that motorists would choose Cheryl Cole as their winter breakdown hero.

Goodyear teamed up with Mountain Rescue England and Wales to commission the research to reveal how motorists prepare and drive during the cold weather.

Results showed that 36% of drivers questioned would like Cheryl Cole to come to their rescue in the event of a breakdown with Robbie Williams polling as the top male celebrity choice.

However, Goodyear’s brand manager, Michelle Fisher, said that the results also showed a lack of awareness when it came to driving safely throughout the winter: “While our national survey in partnership with Mountain Rescue produced some fun results, it also shows areas of great concern.

“From those drivers questioned over 80% said they didn’t fit cold weather tyres, 11% said they carried out no basic vehicle safety checks and 47% didn’t carry a winter car kit containing essential items such as a snow shovel and fleece blanket.”

Michelle added: “It’s important that drivers know how best to prepare for the difficult driving conditions, as a little basic preparation can prevent incidents that require the help of breakdown and emergency services .”

Goodyear recommends motorists switch to cold weather tyres when temperatures drop below 7oC to improve car handling and braking performance. Goodyear’s award winning UltraGrip 7+ cold weather tyre delivers unparalleled control in hazardous winter conditions. Voted best cold weather tyre by a leading weekly car magazine, the tyre was tested and proven to stop six car lengths shorter than a conventional tyre on snow.

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An Aberdeen lollipop man has made the shortlist in Goodyear’s national search for the best unsung school safety hero.

Hector McKenzie, affectionately known as Hero Hector, was nominated by colleagues, pupils and parents from Ferryhill Primary School due to his extraordinary commitment to school safety.

Christine Dunhill, chairperson of Ferryhill Primary School’s parent council, said: “We nominated Hector because he has been tirelessly teaching road safety for nearly ten years outside our school in the rain, sleet, snow and sunshine.

“He participates in road safety activities with children from nursery and upwards. He brings his own warmth to the role, which is reflected in the wee presents he receives from the children and parents at this time of year. In addition, Hector has been pro-active in reminding impatient drivers around the school to be mindful of children at the beginning and end of school days.”

On making the national shortlist Hector said: “I’m thrilled to have made the shortlist. I’ve been the school’s lollipop man for about 20 years, so it’s lovely for the community to recognise my work in this way.”

Hector is now in with a chance of winning a set of Goodyear OptiGrip tyres for his car. Tyres that provide shorter braking distances in the wet by revealing new tread as it wears. For being shortlisted, he has already won high visibility jackets and a brightly coloured walking rope for the children at Ferryhill Primary School.

Michelle Fisher, brand manager at Goodyear, commented: “To hear about Hector’s work is simply an inspiration to us all. Road safety is an important message that needs to be communicated to children, especially when they are travelling to and from school. It’s encouraging to see so many individuals being recognised for their outstanding efforts and safety initiatives.”

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An Oldham retailer has been boosted by the appointment of a new senior manager to its team.

Paul Morton is Smith Knight Fay Volkswagen’s new service manager, taking control of the company’s growing service department.

The 32-year-old has worked in the north west motor industry since 1994, after starting his career as a technician apprentice. He was recently given the ‘Leading Lights’ award which recognises achievements by managers within the company.

Jason Chisnall, brand manager at Smith Knight Fay Volkswagen, is delighted with Paul’s appointment. He said: “Paul has vast experience with the Volkswagen brand and across the service sector of the business; his expertise is a valuable addition to the team in Oldham.

“The main focus will be to deliver consistently high levels of service to customers.”

During Paul’s automotive career he has successfully moved up the career ladder with a variety of manufacturers. His previous roles include technician, master technician, workshop controller and assistant service manager.

He said: “I am looking forward to the fresh challenge. The staff at Oldham are fantastic and I’m looking forward to working closely with them.

“There is a low staff turnover which provides a great platform for customers to build a rapport with staff and vice versa.”


A Basildon financial officer has made the shortlist in Goodyear’s national search for the best unsung school safety hero.

Pam Slingsby, affectionately known as tyre-less Pam, was nominated by colleagues, pupils and parents at Basildon Church of England Primary School due to her extraordinary commitment to school safety.

Paul Field, headmaster at Basildon Church of England Primary School, said: “We’ve nominated Pam because she has worked to create a safe environment for our children through her knowledge and application of health and safety procedures.

“She is meticulous in her organisation and constantly aware of the need to consider the correct safety provisions for school events and developments.”

Speaking of her nomination, Pam said: “A lot of the health and safety work devolved to me from our headmaster when I joined the school in 2004. It has become one of my favourite aspects of the job – so I’m delighted that the school has nominated me for this award.”

Pam is now in with a chance of winning a set of Goodyear OptiGrip tyres for her car. Tyres that provide shorter braking distances in the wet by revealing new tread as it wears. For being shortlisted, she has already won high visibility jackets and a brightly coloured walking rope for the children at Basildon Church of England Primary School.

Michelle Fisher, brand manager at Goodyear, commented: “To hear about Pam’s work is simply an inspiration to us all. Road safety is an important message that needs to be communicated to children, especially when they are travelling to and from school. It’s encouraging to see so many individuals being recognised for their outstanding efforts and safety initiatives.”

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A Portsmouth school site manager has made the shortlist in Goodyear’s national search for the best unsung school safety hero.

Steve Culver, affectionately known as super Steve, was nominated by colleagues, pupils and parents at Medina Primary School due to his extraordinary commitment to school safety.

Howard Payne, headmaster at Medina Primary School, said: “We’ve nominated Steve because of the superb dedication he’s displayed in a short space of time. During the winter he arrives early to ensure the pathways, which are very long, are safe and clear for pupils.

“He also ensures that the community events and activities held at the school premises after hours do not have an adverse effect on the safety of pupils. In the short time Steve’s been here, he’s made a real impact.”

Speaking of his nomination, Steve said: “I’m really pleased to have been nominated for this award as I get a lot of fulfilment from helping people, so it’s good to know other people get that feeling from the work I do.”

Steve is now in with a chance of winning a set of Goodyear OptiGrip tyres for his car. Tyres that provide shorter braking distances in the wet by revealing new tread as it wears. For being shortlisted, he has already won high visibility jackets and a brightly coloured walking rope for the children at Medina Primary School.

Michelle Fisher, brand manager at Goodyear, commented: “To hear about Steve’s work is simply an inspiration to us all. Road safety is an important message that needs to be communicated to children, especially when they are travelling to and from school. It’s encouraging to see so many individuals being recognised for their outstanding efforts and safety initiatives.”

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With the onset of winter, motorists are switching to cold weather tyres to experience the benefits of these specialist tyres.

According to leading tyre specialist Goodyear, sales of cold weather tyres have increased by a massive 521 per cent following last year’s harshest winter for 30 years.

The news will be a welcome announcement for the secretary of state for Transport, Philip Hammond MP, who revealed that Britain’s resilience to cope with winter driving conditions would be better if people switched to cold weather tyres.

With weather conditions set to deteriorate even further over the coming months, Goodyear believes that the experience of last winter had already proved invaluable for drivers.

Kate Rock, PR support manager for Goodyear said: “Our European neighbours already understand the importance of fitting specialist cold weather tyres and the UK is now catching up.

“Safety conscious motorists are already converting and many more are considering the fitment of cold weather tyres. However, as more drivers become aware, tyre retailers need to stock up in order to meet demand.”

Goodyear is encouraging drivers to change their tyres urgently as most of the UK has already experienced the first fall of snow and with temperatures failing to reach 7°C. It also believes that a planned change is preferable than an impulse purchase.

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A motoring specialist from Crewe is among the best in the country after reaching the national finals of the Volkswagen Service Qualification World Championship in Milton Keynes.

Master technician, Artur Ziminski (29) from Crewe Volkswagen achieved the prestigious final for the chance to represent the UK at the Volkswagen World Final.

Over 500 UK-based Volkswagen master technicians entered the preliminary rounds, but just five reached the national final.

For reaching the final and his contribution to the business, Crewe Volkswagen director, John Smyth, presented Artur with a revolutionary Tissot watch.

Artur, from Crewe, has worked at Crewe Volkswagen since 2006, and achieved master technician status in just three years this April; it usually takes about six years.

He said: “It is an honour to be recognised for the work you do everyday. Tension is always high during the contest so you really have to be focused so you can complete the assessments and series of practical tasks, but the adrenaline keeps you going.

“To be presented with my watch has capped off a brilliant year for me.”

Crewe Volkswagen’s brand manager, Ken Potter, said: “Everyone at the retailer is proud of the achievements of Artur.

“He has proved to be amongst the elite in his particular discipline in the UK and it proves the training programmes he has attended are worthwhile.
“Artur is a great role model for the technicians at Crewe and he is widely respected by everyone here.”

Artur received a finalist trophy, certificate and £150 worth of Virgin Leisure vouchers.

Matthew Barham, Volkswagen UK’s quality development manager said: “Artur did exceptionally well to get to the final against some very good master technicians.

“He may not have claimed the UK title on this occasion but to be one of the top five master technicians in the UK is an excellent achievement and something he should be very proud of.”

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Privacy clauses can prevent social network heartache

Couples preparing pre nuptial and cohabitation agreements should consider including a privacy clause to prevent separation announcements being published on social networking sites, according to a leading regional law firm.

Higgs & Sons, based on the Waterfront in Brierley Hill, issued the call after cricketer Shane Warne and actress Liz Hurley were caught exchanging flirtatious messages on Twitter – which then led to both celebrities announcing the end of their respective marriages on the same site.

But the leading law firm is reporting that social networking disputes are becoming a common occurrence amongst the general public.

Philip Barnsley, head of Higgs & Sons’ family department said: “We are currently dealing with a number of clients who are complaining about their former spouses using social networking sites to criticise them - and in some cases their new partners.”

The main point of concern with social network disputes is how easy it is for children to view damaging information about their parents’ marriage.

Philip added: “Sometimes information that is published online can be viewed by young children and cause a lot of distress. It’s obviously not in the best interests of a child to become involved in the breakdown of a marriage.

“So as we see more and more pre nuptial and cohabitation agreements, there is nothing to stop clients inserting a privacy clause to prevent their partners or spouses from publishing sensitive information like this on social networking sites.”

For more information about marital agreements and litigation, please contact Higgs & Sons on 0845 111 5050.

Friday 17 December 2010


A North Lincolnshire motorist is advising fellow drivers to shop around for the best deal on car servicing after making a surprising discovery.

John Bishop from Kirmington was so concerned by the latest quote from his independent car servicing garage, he set about finding a better deal.

After gathering a number of quotes for his Volkswagen Jetta’s service, John was shocked to discover his local independent was one of the most expensive outlets for his car’s service.

He said: “Like many people I assumed my local independent garage was the best place to get my car serviced.

“I thought the price quoted was quite high so shopped around Grimsby, including my local Volkswagen retailer, F Cross.

“Remarkably F Cross was over 25 per cent cheaper than the independent I’d been using for many years, and includes a free MOT, discount on my next service and a valet.”
John has been so impressed with F Cross he’s allowing his experience to be used in the Volkswagen retailer’s Fixed Price Servicing advertising campaign.

Nick Giddings, brand director at F Cross, said: “John’s experience is not uncommon, as people often think franchised retailers are more expensive and low on customer service.

“With Volkswagen’s new fixed price servicing programme we now have clear and transparent menu of costs so customers can choose where to spend their hard earned money.”

Thursday 16 December 2010


Two members of staff from an Altrincham retailer have raised thousands for charity after completing a coast-to-coast bike ride with friends.

Steve Bradin, a sales controller, and Tom Carrol, a sales executive, from Gilbert Lawton Volkswagen completed the 131 mile trek from Whitehaven to Sunderland, raising £2,675 for Macmillan Cancer Support in the process.

Reflecting on the journey, Bradin thanked his supporters and highlighted the difference that the money raised would make.

“I want to say a big thank you to everybody who sponsored me and Tom for the coast-to-coast bike ride.
“We managed to raise a huge amount of money and this will make a massive difference to a lot of people’s lives.”

The pair embarked on the journey after Tom’s mother, Kathleen Carroll, recently died from cancer.

Fundraising manager for Macmillan Cancer Support, Grace Higgins, spoke of how the funds raised will go a long way to sustaining the costs of specialist nurses.

She said: “This type of fundraising is vital to us - £2,675 will go a long way to support other families that are affected by cancer.

“It costs £191 to fund a Macmillan nurse for one day - Steve and Tom’s efforts could pay for fourteen days, helping families deal with cancer.”


Three motoring specialists have been recognised as the best in their field after defeating over 1,000 individuals to get a place in the national finals of the Volkswagen Service Qualification World Championship.

Service advisors, Kate Thomas (26) and Donna Sillence (30) and master technician, Julian Durrant (38) successfully completed a series of assessments to reach the prestigious final.

The dedicated three, all from the same Volkswagen motor group, represented 20% of the elite group of specialists at the tightly-contested UK final.

Kate, from Rougham has worked at Northgate Volkswagen for the past five years and has reached the UK final for last three years. Julian from Wickham Skeith and Donna from Ipswich have each gained over 12 years experience at Barnards Volkswagen in Stowmarket.

To have the chance to represent the UK at the Volkswagen World championship Kate and Donna had to complete a series of intensive on the spot product knowledge assessments and role plays. In addition Julian, being one of only five master technicians, had to complete four practical tasks, closely watched by the judges.

Kate, said: “Having been there before I knew what to expect but this does not help with the nerves on the day. It is very intensive but an enjoyable experience.”

Brand managers Robert Rolfe from Northgate Volkswagen and Gary Halestrap from Barnards Volkswagen were delighted to have such a strong presence on the day.

Gary, said: “ This is a fantastic achievement and is testament to their hard work and dedication.

“They may not have claimed the UK title on this occasion but to be one of the top five master technicians and top 10 service advisors in the UK is an excellent achievement and something that they should all be very proud of.”

All three received a finalist trophy, certificate and £150 worth of Virgin Leisure vouchers.

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Wednesday 15 December 2010


Coventry Ricoh Stadium 2010: Over 800 dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals came together to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the office products market at Spicers brand new Everything for the Office Show 8th – 9th December 2010.

uni-ball made a striking impression on show attendees with the Jetstream 101 circus themed promotion and on stand demonstrations of their new products listed in Spicers for 2011 - Jetstream 101 and Power Tank Eco.

The opening day culminated in a formal gala dinner with the first ‘Everything for the Office Awards’ celebrating the best innovations in products and services.

The New product award: Traditional stationery category was won by uni Mitsubishi for the Jetstream 101 pen.

Stuart Barker, marketing manager for uni Mitsubishi, said: “We are absolutely delighted to win the accolade for this new product. The product was launched in September of this year, to cater for a market requirement; a smooth writing, value for money and quality branded writing instrument, and in the current economical climate this pen caters for the demands of office life and office budgets.

“The Jetstream 101 has been launched to compliment the other products in the range, being more of an entry level product to satisfy the current needs of the market.”

Amanda Murray, dealer marketing manager at Spicers, said: “We were thrilled that the uni Mitsubishi Jetstream 101 won the New Product award for Traditional Stationery. uni Mitsubishi came up against some tough competition within this category, but the defining features of the product shone through.

“The judges were very keen on how uni Mitsubishi had responded to market conditions, the price point was just right for this entry level product. In addition, it was felt that the product really delivered on promise, it was quick drying, wrote smoothly and really reduced the risk of smudging. Well done uni Mitsubishi, the Jetstream 101 is a fantastic product!’”

The Jetstream product range consists of five types of pens, Jetstream Premier, Jetstream SX-210, Jetstream RT, Jetstream Sport and now the Jetstream 101. The retail pricing varies from £6.99 - £1.00 for the new Jetstream 101.

The unique characteristic of this pen range is the use of the uni Super Ink.

uni Super Ink means that the ink is not only water resistant, UV resistant, chemical resistant, tamper proof, it also allows the user to achieve smooth writing and because the ink dries in a flash it’s ideal for left hand writers and note takers; making this pen suited to the office environment.

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A Guildford company has been on a recruitment drive to help manage a significant increase in business in 2010.

Colbornes Volkswagen Van Centre has employed three new technicians and a sales executive after an increase of 38 per cent in sales this year.

The company isn’t ruling out further staff increases in 2011 to meet the growing needs of the business.

Gareth Jones from Send, Alex Jones from Brookwood and Steve Fitzgerald from Fleet are the new technicians, joining experience sales executive Julian Booth from Aldershot at the van centre.

Steve Cass, brand manager at Colbornes Volkswagen Van Centre, said: “Julian’s superb track record and understanding of customers’ needs makes him a great addition to help continue the positive direction of the sales team.

“Gareth, Alex and Steve will enable the service area to cope with any further increase in business and bring with them vital experience of the Volkswagen brand.

“All four have settled in very quickly and it feels like they’ve been with Colbornes for a long time.

“The new team will help drive the business forward, making sure customers are offered the right service and advice, whatever their reason for visiting or getting in touch.”


A girl’s football team is celebrating after securing a hat-trick of sponsorship deals.

Mardy Tigers under 14s, 16s and 18s will be sponsored by Merthyr Tydfil’s Capitol Volkswagen

The deal concludes a successful year for the club after the under 16’s, won the Girl’s Welsh Cup.

As part of the sponsorship deal the Volkswagen retailer on Pentrebach Road in the town, supplied all three teams with tracksuits to wear on match days.

Wayne Jeremiah Mardy Tigers coach and secretary said: “It is fantastic to have secured sponsorship from Capitol Volkswagen. We are looking forward to continuing our recent success as way of thanking Capitol.

“The sponsorship enables the girls to have a team.”

Capitol Volkswagen’s brand manager, Gareth Cleverly said: “We are thrilled we can support the Mardy Tigers.”

“All the girls had a fantastic season and put in a lot of time and effort. Many staff watch the teams and cheered the girls to their recent victory.”


A Manchester van centre is celebrating as two of its staff joined an exclusive club after being recognised for their outstanding services to the automotive industry.

Rob Brown and Peter Davies were presented with Volkswagen Gold Pins for exceptional and long service to the brand, at a recent ceremony in London.

The Volkswagen Gold Pin is the highest international accolade given by the brand to individuals. Only about 20 people are awarded the award each year.

The duo have together served almost 50 years with Volkswagen with many spent at the brand’s Manchester Van Centre in Trafford Park.
Rob (48) from Stockport is the sales manager, while Peter (55) from Baguley is the retailer’s highest qualified technician.

“I’m thrilled to have been awarded a Gold Pin, it’s a huge honour,” said Rob. “I’ve achieved many things in my career but this tops them all.”

Peter added: “I thoroughly enjoy my job and couldn’t of achieved this without the support of my colleagues.”

The van centre’s head of business, Jim Hobson, said: “To have two members of staff awarded a Gold Pin in the same year is exceptional, my congratulations goes to both Rob and Peter. It shows we have the highest standard of staff in Manchester.”

Chris Craft, director at Volkswagen UK, said: “Rob and Peter thoroughly deserve their awards after providing invaluable service to the Volkswagen brand.

“Positive attitude and support of Volkswagen standards is an inspiration to all staff at Manchester and is demonstrated with the award of the Gold Pin.”

Tuesday 14 December 2010


One of Gloucestershire’s biggest companies celebrated the delivery of its 200th vehicle, by giving it a bespoke paint pattern.

Electrical contractor Clarkson Evans was presented with the eye-catching Volkswagen Transporter T5 recently, by local firm Cheltenham Volkswagen Van Centre.

The vehicle is a significant landmark for both companies as the van centre has supplied all 200 vehicles.

Steve Evans, founder and managing director of Clarkson Evans, said: “The company always looks for quality and reliability when purchasing products and in the Volkswagen vans and Cheltenham Volkswagen Van Centre we’ve found both.

“We’re very loyal to staff and companies we work with, which is why we’ve now reached our 200th van.

“As we cover a large part of the country the vans are vital as they transport equipment to and from sites in the most cost-effective way.”Clarkson Evans’ fleet is exclusively Volkswagen and numbers almost 100 vans, either Caddy or Transporter.

The company, which wires about ten per cent of new homes in the UK, is looking at ways of celebrating its 30th birthday in 2011.

Steve added: “As a company we’re hoping to reach 300 employees by our 30th birthday, with many coming through our apprenticeship programme.

“Depending on the feedback of this vehicle, another custom-painted van could mark that milestone.”

John Seddon, head of business at Cheltenham Volkswagen Van Centre, said: “Steve and the team at Clarkson Evans are a fantastic company to deal with and we’re delighted to have reached this significant milestone.

“Everyone at the van centre is please to be associated with such a high profile local company.

“The van is certainly eye-catching and wherever it goes I’m sure people’s heads will turn.”

Monday 13 December 2010


A Sheffield van centre is getting behind the Cash for Kids Christmas Appeal by providing an alternative Santa sledge to help collect its Christmas gift donations.

Gilder Van Centre has supplied a brightly coloured Volkswagen Crafter van to collect and deliver the thousands of gifts South Yorkshire residents are generously giving to less fortunate local children so they receive a present on Christmas day.

So far this year, 2,952 children have benefited from the Cash for Kids donations totalling £103,320 worth of gifts.

The appeal hopes this early success will encourage more people to leave a gift at any Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Tesco or one of the drop-off points. All gifts are given to local youngsters who would otherwise go without at Christmas.

Charity manager, Katy Winterschladen is delighted with its success so far.

She said: “We rely so much on the generosity of the public and local businesses to help make this appeal a success.

“Sadly there are many children in our area whose circumstances and living conditions mean that they would otherwise wake up to nothing on Christmas day. We work closely with social services and organisations to ensure the gifts and donations we receive are going to the right children.

“We aim to help over 8,000 children so managing all the gifts is impossible without the support of Gilder Van Centre, our volunteers and sponsors.”

David May, head of business at Gilder Van Centre said: “It is heartbreaking to hear that children are suffering and for it to be on your own door step is even more tragic.

“Therefore we are more than happy to get behind this appeal and help Christmas sparkle for more children in our area.”

All gifts must be donated by Friday, December 17 to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

For further information on the appeal visit

For more information contact Sue Foster or Becki Oake on 01902 714 957 or /


Derby County’s mascot, Rammie, visited a Volkswagen van centre on Ashbourne Road to accept an early Christmas present which will help support his growing number of public appearances.

Imperial Commercials Van Centre has given Rammie its first brand new Caddy van to replace his older model, as part of its two-year sponsorship with Derby County Football Club.

The brightly coloured van enables the Derby County star to attend a host of school, charity and local events throughout the year in addition to birthdays and weddings. The spacious new Caddy provides enough room to transport his inflatable goal and equipment.

Derby County CEO and president, Tom Glick, said: “This is the first time we have received such a sponsorship and the partnership with Imperial Commercials Volkswagen Van Centre has proved to be indispensable for Rammie.

“We were delighted with our previous Caddy but the new model certainly looks stylish and its new features make it even more enjoyable for Rammie to drive.

“We feel very privileged and proud to be one of the first new Caddy drivers on Derby roads.”

Matthew Lawrenson, regional director of Imperial Commercials said: “The new Volkswagen Caddy has had an exterior facelift and due its energy efficient BlueMotion technology it will signify reduced running costs.

“We are delighted to strengthen our support with Derby County and look forward to seeing the stylish new Rammie on the road.”

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Friday 3 December 2010


A Brigham apprentice has been selected from hundreds of applicants to be part of a new Volkswagen motorsport team.

Robert Pammenton, who is learning his trade as a car technician at Workington Volkswagen retailer Walkingshaw, impressed judges with his knowledge of motor performance at a team selection day recently.

The process was extremely competitive, after Volkswagen receiving over 300 applications from apprentices all over the UK for just 12 positions.

The 18-year-old spoke of his delight at securing a prestigious place on the motorsport team, that will last for a year. He said: “I’m thrilled that I have this very rare opportunity to apply my knowledge and enthusiasm to motorsport

“I owe a great deal to Walkingshaw and Volkswagen, they’ve given me so much already with my apprenticeship and this feels like the icing on the cake – I’m so excited.”

Following his selection, Pammenton and his team-mates supported a Skoda Fabia rally car at an event in Worcestershire, where it performed rides, drives and public displays.

Walkingshaw’s brand manager, Andy Walkingshaw, said: “Robert has great passion about his job and his hard work has paid off by this reward.

“It’s great for the region to have a representative working for a national team and that Walkingshaw Volkswagen is training apprentices to the highest standard.”

Now half-way through his three-year apprenticeship course, the car enthusiast reaffirmed his desire to reach great heights as a motor technician.

Robert added: “This is the only job I have ever wanted to do. I’m building my knowledge base and experience all of the time and I’m determined to reach the very top of my profession.”

Eurovans keep football sponsorship on-side

A Crawley Van Centre has renewed its investment in the local community after confirming its partnership with Crawley Town Football Club.

Eurovans, based on Overdene Drive, is supporting Crawley Town’s youth team for a second season.

The Volkswagen Van Centre is providing the team with a seventeen seat minibus for transportation to training and match games.

Crawley Town’s chairman, Vic Marley, said: “We are delighted and privileged that Eurovans is continuing to sponsor the youth team for another season.

“Crawley Town is thriving at the top of the Blue Square Premier League and it is very pleasing to have the ongoing support of local businesses.”

Dealer principle of Eurovans, Edward Wright, said: “As a business we believe it is really important to invest in the community and support our home grown talent.

“We were more than happy to renew our sponsorship and help drive the success of the team’s training programme.”

The Crawley Town Youth Team was launched two years ago and works in conjunction with Central Sussex College. The team is required to attend the college to further their education and train at the club two days a week.


A Wrexham retailer is hosting a ‘Christmas Weekend’ by helping provide some festive cheer to youngsters at Hope House Children’s Hospice

To help make the event a success, Wrexham Volkswagen is asking people to buy an extra present while out shopping and drop it off to the Rhosrobin showroom on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th December.

Families will be welcomed by Father Christmas and while he talks to children about their Christmas present wish list, parents can enjoy a mince pie and warm drink.

Alison Marsh, fundraising manager at Hope House Children’s Hospice, said: “The ‘Christmas Weekend’ is a fantastic idea and we hope many people come along to Wrexham Volkswagen, donate a gift and enjoy a mince pie.

“It costs £1.8m a year to run the Hospice and we rely almost entirely upon donations, as well as many generous individuals who fundraise on our behalf by organising incredible fundraising events across the region.

“Christmas is all about thinking of others, and what better way than to bring a smile to a child’s face by donating a present.”

Wrexham Volkswagen’s brand manager, Ben Gilbert, said: “We’re delighted to be able to help Hope House Children’s Hospice and trust many people can find the time to donate a gift.

“Staff at Wrexham Volkswagen will be donating a present and offering festive refreshments to keep people warm in the cold weather.”

Wrexham Volkswagen’s Rhosrobin showroom will host Father Christmas from 10am-4pm on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th December.


Newport County FC fans are been asked to express their devotion to their team and be in with a chance of winning a season ticket, courtesy of Sinclair Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen retailer is launching a hunt to the find the most passionate football supporter and is asking fans to decorate their car with Newport County memorabilia to mark the arrival of Volkswagen’s new seven seat MPV, the Sharan.

Fans can send their pictures by email, twitter or deliver it in person to the Corporation Road showroom. All entries will be judged by Newport County players and Sinclair Volkswagen in Newport’s brand manager, Clive Hyde.

Clive said: “We are very excited and passionate about the Sharan’s arrival and felt this enthusiasm was echoed by the support Newport County fans give their team.

“Our only rule is that the vehicle must be legal to drive so visibility cannot be restricted.”

The spacious new Sharan comfortably seats seven passengers, with sliding side doors and features a range of standard safety equipment including ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) and ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme).

It’s also kind on the environment; the MPV’s BlueMotion Technology and stop/start and battery regeneration systems help to lower emissions.

Entries can be emailed to or sent by twitter to @SinclairVW. Alternatively fans can deliver the pictures by hand to Sinclair Volkswagen on Corporation Road, Newport. The closing date for entries is 31st December 2010.

For further information, please contact Sue Foster on 01902 714 957 or email

Business' service quality recieves national recognition

A Southport business is celebrating after being named one of the top UK Volkswagen retailers during a recent gala event at the company’s headquarters.

Corkills Volkswagen on Flyde Road was awarded ‘Retailer Excellence’ status at the Volkswagen Service Quality Awards for sales, service and parts. The company was only one of eight UK retailers to receive the award.

Volkswagen monitors all retailers ensuring all areas of the business are performing according to Volkswagen standards and targets. The scores on areas including sales and customer satisfaction are then added up to reveal the results.

Jeff Brogan, service manager at Corkills Southport, made the trip to the Wolfsburg Auto Museum to claim the award as the most improved small retailer and was treated to a Volkswagen Motorsport driving experience, exclusive factory tour and a stay in the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Jeff said: “As a business, we are delighted to receive this recognition and be amongst the top eight retailers in the UK and top 100 in Europe.

“Our commitment to customer care is second to none and we pride ourselves on our involvement with each and every customer to ensure they are satisfied.
“We are continuing to improve all areas of the business and hope to achieve similar successes in the near future.”

Chris Craft, director of Volkswagen Group UK Ltd, said: “It is important retailers know how the different areas of their business are performing.
“To be awarded ‘Retailer Excellence’ status is a fantastic achievement.”

Thursday 2 December 2010

Eight new lawyers for Higgs & Sons

Leading Midlands law firm Higgs & Sons has appointed a further eight lawyers, as it gears up for more growth in 2011.

The largest growth area for the award-winning firm is in dispute resolution where the team is now boosted by three new lawyers including partner Tom Read, associate Carole Maddock and solicitor Laura Westwood who trained with the firm.

Department head, Julia Lowe, said that 2010 had proved to be a very successful year for the team. “It’s fantastic to welcome new talent to the firm and to retain lawyers upon qualification. The new appointments will add both strength and depth to the dispute resolution team and demonstrate the firm’s commitment to the growth of this practice area.”

Higgs & Sons’ private client team, which is one of the largest and most highly regarded practices in the region welcomes two new lawyers, Victoria Knight and Sarah Darby. Newly qualified solicitor Sarah trained with the firm.

Alongside Laura and Sarah, Higgs has also retained Oliver Ward-Jones upon qualification, to further strengthen the firm’s insolvency team.

Two other departments also welcome new lawyers. The commercial property team has appointed Lisa Craddock and personal injury sees Laura Dyke join the team.

Managing partner, Paul Hunt, says that the appointments are exciting developments for the firm: “A solid business strategy, excellent client care and a determination to make a difference to our clients has ensured that Higgs has continued to grow year on year.

“These latest appointments reflect our growth across the whole firm. We enjoy developing long-term relationships and recruit people who we know will deliver real value to our clients.”

Picture shows from left to right: Sarah Darby, Laura Dyke, Victoria Knight, Lisa Craddock, Oliver Ward Jones, Paul Hunt, Tom Read, Carole Maddock and Laura Westwood.


Californian artist, Robyn Geddes, who launched his career at Andy Warhol’s iconic art studio, The Factory, in New York has confirmed his first UK exhibition.
Robyn Geddes will display an exhibition of his recent works for sale at a Midlands Gallery from January 2011.

Weston Park’s Granary Art Gallery on the Shropshire Staffordshire border is the first UK gallery to feature the exhibition and is free to attend.

The protégé artist remained at Andy Warhol Enterprises Inc from 1978 to 1983 fostering his talent and experience and providing an ideal platform into the art world.

Geddes’ career continued to flourish as a publisher, curator and director for a assortment of prestigious New York galleries and collectors while collaborating with renowned artists such as, Malcolm Morley, Sam Gilliam and Robert Moscowitz.

Having exhibited on both the sides of the States, Geddes work also features in private collections of art collectors and dealers including that of John Cleese.
His current works have the subject matter of birds, often painted against a stridently coloured background, which is perhaps influenced by some of the colours which Warhol used, an opinion expressed by Gareth Williams, Curator to the Weston Park Foundation.

Gareth comments: “The importance of Geddes’ work and its heritage in the international art scene means that this exhibition offers a great opportunity for collectors to see and perhaps purchase some very special works.

“It is an absolute privilege to welcome Robyn who is the first transatlantic artist to exhibit at the Granary Art Gallery.”

Robyn Geddes selling exhibition features at the Granary Art Gallery at Weston-under-Lizard, Nr Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8LE from 11:00 to 16:00, Tuesday 4th January to Monday 31st January 2011.

For further information call 01952 852100 or visit or contact Sue Foster at Connect PR on 01902 714957 or sue/


A 10-year-old youngster will see his comic book hero design brought to life on a Volkswagen Touran and received a year’s supply of cinema tickets for his efforts.

Lewis Panniers from Bridgend was announced as the winner of the Sinclair Volkswagen design a car competition which marked the launch of Volkswagen’s new MPVs, the Touran and Sharan.

Youngsters were challenged with creating an imaginative and colourful design based on their favourite comic book hero to celebrate the new family orientated vehicles.

Competition was tough as Clive Williams, Sinclair’s group operations manager explained.

“We were overwhelmed by the number of entries we received.

“Lewis’ design instantly captured our attention due to his creative use of characters and colours. Clearly he is talented and his passion for superhero’s were certainly evident in his design.

“We are delighted to introduce two new family cars to our range and felt a competition aimed at young people would be an excellent way to showcase their arrival.”

Lewis’ winning design will feature on Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff’s demonstrator Touran and include the Batman and Superman emblems on the vehicles sides with a Captain America logo on the roof.

“We are expecting our striking new Touran to certainly make an impact on the streets and hope it brings smile to passerby and other motorists.”

The new Touran is the ultimate family hero, with endless adaptability and bags of space, the stylish 7-seater will suit any family’s needs. Plus, it is super efficient, doing up to 61.4 mpg.

For more information, please contact Sue Foster on 01902 714 957 or email

Tuesday 30 November 2010


One of the UK’s most innovative providers of heating systems has launched a new product aimed at simplifying the process of design and installation of underfloor heating.

Uponor’s One Pack concept offers customers an easier way of quoting, buying and stocking bespoke underfloor heating systems of up to 112m2 by minimising the list of components to choose from and reducing quote to delivery times.

Customers can log onto an online toolkit at and submit their own underfloor heating criteria – allowing an immediate calculation of the number of heating loops required for each flooring area – referred to as a ‘zone’.

Uponor’s Applications Manager, Neil Young, explained: “All-in-one packs are not new; at Uponor we have offered small area packs for some time, but what One Pack aims to do is give installers the power to do a whole ground floor without needing to get into the schematics.

“All installers need to know is the floor construction base, the amount of zones they desire, the area of each zone in m2, the manifold location and its distance to the relevant zones.

“From there, Uponor will assemble a One Pack tailored to the basic specifications given by the customer and deliver it quickly to their local merchant.”

One Pack features Uponor’s world renowned multi-layer composite pipe and is available in both Screed and Suspended floor systems, meaning users from the new build and renovation markets will benefit from easy installation and increased pipe efficiency.

Merchants will also benefit from Uponor’s latest product as under-floor heating is becoming more popular – meaning faster service is essential.

In a similar way to installers, merchants can send basic criteria from a set of customer plans for an appropriate One-Pack in a matter of minutes. The One Pack will arrive at a Merchants with all the tools required to complete the job, along with instructions and a full DVD guide.

For more information on the Uponor One Pack please visit, email or call 01455 550355.

Uponor’s dedicated Training Academy offers a range of courses including the design and layout of underfloor heating systems as well as a course dedicated to controls. Bespoke workshops can also be developed to cater for individual needs. For more information log on to or call 01455 551 363.

Monday 29 November 2010

Higgs healthcare team proves right tonic for MY Care

Leading regional law firm Higgs & Sons’ specialist healthcare team has advised one of the region’s leading care home providers on the purchase of three new care homes together with a £9 million refinancing of its business.

The MY Care Group, spearheaded by Paul Hearn, acquired the homes for an undisclosed sum, expanding its portfolio to seven homes across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. MY Care is an established provider of high quality care services, with each of its homes holding a two star "good" rating with the Care Quality Commission.

Geoff Kettle, an associate in Higgs’ corporate department, led the deal team, which advised MY Care on its purchase of Ruddington Homes Limited which owned the care homes based in Nottinghamshire. The Higgs team included specialist corporate tax, property, employment and banking lawyers.

Geoff said: "It was great to work with Paul on this acquisition. He has a great business and a commitment to providing excellent services for his residents and we are delighted to help them with their growth.”

A key partner in the healthcare team, Susheel Gupta, said: "Our specialist team has many years’ experience and is equipped to handle every aspect of healthcare work, from corporate acquisitions and disposals, to tax issues, property, employment, and financing matters. Our aim is to always provide our clients with a seamless service and to make the legal process as simple as possible for them.”

Paul Hearn, managing director of MY Care said: “Higgs worked closely alongside my own team on this acquisition and refinancing and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future. MY Care has doubled its size in the East Midlands this year and with another acquisition lined up, will continue to look at new opportunities to expand its operations.”

To find out how the healthcare team can support your business, contact Susheel directly on 0845 111 5050 or email

Thursday 25 November 2010

Clearer skies ahead for holidays and sick pay law?

Two recent tribunal decisions could pave the way for a clearer view on holidays and sick pay, says a leading employment lawyer.

Tim Jones, head of employment law at Higgs & Sons, says that the cases of Khan v Martin McColl and Souter v Royal College of Nursing are both helping to clarify the matter for employers across the region.

“Since the House of Lords gave its decision in the case of Stringer, employment lawyers have been arguing over the consequences of that judgment in day to day employment terms,” says Tim.

“In the Stringer case, the House of Lords made clear that an employee on long term sickness absence who had exhausted their contractual and statutory sick pay, did accrue statutory holiday and should be allowed to take it.

“However, what was unclear from the House of Lords was whether the unused holiday entitlement could be carried over and used in subsequent years. The European Court of Justice in its judgment had made clear that its view was that workers accrued four weeks paid holiday whilst on sick leave and should be allowed to take this when they return to work even if their return to work was in the following leave year.”

The case of Khan v Martin McColl highlights that employers may be able to avoid paying accrued holiday pay for a previous year if they act promptly enough.

Tim explains: “Mr Khan started his long term sick leave in May 2008 and did not return to work before he resigned in August 2009. The company made payment of the accrued holiday for 2009 but did not make a payment in lieu for the holiday that had accrued in 2007/2008.

“Mr Khan brought a claim but failed. The Tribunal held that by making the payment of the accrued holiday pay for 2009, this broke the series of deductions. They went further and said that in their view the decision in Stringer provided that employees could only carry over holiday when they had been refused the right to take it. As Mr Khan had not asked to take holiday in 2008 he had therefore not been denied the right and accordingly there was no right to carry over.”

Since the decision in Khan there has also been a decision of the Edinburgh Employment Tribunal in Souter v Royal College of Nursing Scotland. In this case, Mrs Souter held an administrative job with Royal College of Nursing until she retired on the 21 April 2010. She had been on long term sick leave from 7 November 2001 and had been in receipt of permanent health insurance from 7 November 2002. Upon retirement the Royal College of Nursing paid Mrs Souter her accrued holiday for the leave year 1 January 2010 to 21 April 2010. In May 2010, Mrs Souter brought an unlawful deduction action against the Royal College of Nursing seeking compensation for statutory holiday pay in respect of the whole period of her sickness absence. The Edinburgh Tribunal rejected her claim saying that the claim was out of time, that as she had neither sought to take holiday when she was off sick, nor had she been prevented from taking holiday there was no right for untaken leave to carry over, and furthermore that her entitlement to holiday pay would have been at her permanent health insurance rate, not her working salary rate and therefore she had suffered no financial loss.

Tim believes that these two cases now give employers some degree of clarity and hope in what has otherwise been an area of some confusion. “Although it should be recognised that both the cases are Tribunal decisions only and therefore not binding on other tribunals or higher courts, they do give some important guidance to employers and their lawyers.”

For help with your employment law matters, contact Tim Jones directly on 0845 111 5050.

Wednesday 24 November 2010


Families were treated to a festive wonderland experience over the weekend to mark the official opening of a new £500,000 van centre.

Imperial Commercials Volkswagen Van Centre in Stoke-on-Trent transformed its forecourt into a hive of wintery attractions including a 12 square metre ice rink, falconry display and over 20 Christmas market stalls.

The company has invested heavily in the state-of-the-art showroom, forecourt and 24-hour workshop and wanted to make its launch a memorable event for customers and their families.

Guests were also entertained by live band, Crysis, and a vintage vehicle display as they enjoyed mince pies and browsed the market stalls for Christmas gift ideas.

The younger generations got to grips with the bouncy castle, ice rink and penguin ice scooter, with some going home with their faces painted and temporary glitter tattoos.

Imperial Commercials, Executive Director, Geoff Haspell, said: “We are delighted with the success of the day.

“We wanted to make the opening a special family affair and given the time of the year we felt the wintery and festive attractions would add to the day’s enjoyment,”

“The investment and recent celebrations confirms our commitment to businesses and van operators in the area and “the introduction of the Volkswagen brand enables Imperial Commercials to enter new markets, where we are looking forward to meeting and working with new light commercial vehicle customers ” concluded Geoff.

The four acre site on Leek New Road has undergone a complete refurbishment to accommodate the new Volkswagen Van Centre. It sits alongside its existing DAF truck dealership, strengthening the commercial vehicle specialist’s presence in the area.

Imperial Commercials is the UK’s largest Independent Commercial Vehicle Dealer Group. It supplies both new and used trucks and vans including servicing and parts from its extensive network of franchises including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, DAF Trucks, Ford Commercials, FIAT Professional, MAN Trucks, Renault Trucks, Nissan Commercial Vehicles, ISUZU Trucks and HINO Trucks.

For further information contact Sue Foster on 01902 714957 or email

Tuesday 23 November 2010


Merseyside will soon see the return of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand to the city, after an absence of over six years.

The retailer group Swansway has invested almost £2m in a state-of-the-art van centre in Speke, bringing with it 15 new jobs.

Work started on the new Liverpool Volkswagen Van Centre in April, with the doors opening at the Woodend Avenue site in January.

The new centre will include a five van showroom, seven bay workshop and dedicated MOT bay.

David Cowan, Liverpool Volkswagen Van Centre’s brand manager, said: “Liverpool has been without a dedicated brand franchise for too long and we are delighted to bring Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles back to the city.

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to providing businesses and van drivers on Merseyside with an official Volkswagen facility.

“The site will be one of biggest in the UK and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ only stand alone site in the country with the latest corporate branding, something we’re very proud of.

“As part of the new development we’ve created 15 new jobs and with future growth expected more jobs could be generated.”

The van centre is expected to generate sales of approximately 1,250 new and used vehicles in 2011, with a targeted increase in 2012.

David added: “Previously, Volkswagen van customers in Liverpool had to travel to Wrexham, Preston or Manchester for brand-backed sales.

“The new centre will remove the need for customers to travel any distance for all their Volkswagen needs.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming new and old customers of the brand when we open in January.”

Simon Elliott, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, said: “Liverpool is one of the UK’s thriving cities and we’re delighted Swansway has invested in a Volkswagen franchise for the city.

“This site will be a flagship Volkswagen van centre and we’re looking forward to watching the business grow.”

Blue Works from WD-40 - Gets the job done right

Industrial engineers bust-a-gut to maintain their heavy duty machinery, but thanks to WD-40 Company, things have just become easier.

Its new line of speciality maintenance products – called ‘Blue Works’ – offers industrial workers a solution for a range of repair headaches.

WD-40 – a household name
Look in any household toolbox, kitchen cupboard, garage or shed and you are almost guaranteed to find a can of WD-40. The renowned multi-purpose maintenance product is a household staple and one of Britain’s most trusted brands.

But now, WD-40 is making waves in the industrial market too, when it launches a range of specialty maintenance products that are designed to perform in the toughest industrial conditions.

Introducing Blue Works
Known as ‘Blue Works’ - the range will include: Silicone Lubricant, High-performance PTFE Lubricant, White Lithium Grease, Dry Tube PTFE Formula, Multi-purpose Lubricant, Penetrant oil, Contact Cleaner and Degreaser.

Neil Gow, Senior Brand Manager at WD-40, explains the thinking behind the new range: “We’ve been hugely successful with WD-40 – it’s a product that many people use and trust. So we aim to use our strong reputation for quality to offer a range of new high-performance products for industrial users – this is where Blue Works comes in.

“These products are designed for a very specific and specialist purposes. For instance, a product like Blue Works White Lithium Grease is designed for high pressure lubrication (up to 1,400lbs), making it an ideal product for industrial gears, guides and motor pivots.”

Neil continues to explain that other Blue Works products, such as the Contact Cleaner, have been developed to clean plastic, rubber and metal precision equipment, by quickly reducing oxides and removing dirt.

Neil added: “The Blue Works range will assist in most maintenance and repair jobs in an industrial workplace. We are confident that those responsible for maintenance, as well as engineers will be pleased with their practicality and performance.”

But when it comes to performance, don’t just take Neil’s word for it.

Proven Performance
All products in the new WD-40 Blue Works range outperformed their market competitors in key performance areas, according to multiple independent ASTM tests. And, the competitor products tested were all more expensive that Blue Works too.

This success is largely down to the extensive and in-depth testing that went into the unique industrial grade formulas in Blue Works’ products - which all contain special synthetic additives and all products are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Speaking of the multiple independent ASTM tests, Neil insisted that product quality is at the heart of everything that WD-40 does: “This is the first time we’ve released a new product into the industrial marketplace – and we wouldn’t do it unless we were absolutely sure of our products’ ability to perform to the very best standards.”

The new Blue Works range will be available from all reputable industrial distributors from December. To find your nearest stockist call 01908 555400.

For more information please visit


Issued on behalf of WD-40 by Connect PR

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Kathy Hodson, Connect PR, The Chubb Building, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT. Tel: 01902 714957 / 07890381725

Friday 19 November 2010


Drivers in the UK are the third safest drivers in Europe, according to a new poll by Goodyear Dunlop. Germans were voted the safest. 18% of the 3,500 drivers surveyed chose Germany when asked to nominate the country with the safest drivers in the EU, Sweden followed with 9% of the vote, and the UK came third with 6%.

The Germans and the British are also the most likely to nominate their own drivers as the safest in the EU (22% and 20%, respectively).

The UK drivers polled were more likely to require further knowledge about tyres and their role in road safety of any EU drivers surveyed. For example, seven in ten UK respondents (71%) said they would have trouble telling one type of tyre from another without assistance, 62% aren’t sure whether the tyres on their car are summer, winter or another type of tyre, and 42% know little or nothing about how different tyres can increase or decrease your grip on the road. However, the British are not alone – 75 per cent of all respondents said they would like to know more about tyres and their role in road safety.

Despite a number of specific differences depending on the country, the survey also showed some surprising consistency across Europe. After not drinking and driving, having correct tyres on the car came out as a key factor of road safety in every country, with 82% of respondents stating that ‘having tyres in good condition and properly inflated’ was ‘very important’ to their safety when driving.

Results indicate gaps in driver’s tyre knowledge and practice across Europe

Unfortunately, stating that tyres are important doesn’t necessarily mean that drivers have crucial knowledge about tyres. Or that they put this knowledge into practice. The survey results suggest that many drivers underestimate the link between tyre choice and road safety: one respondent in three admitted knowing ‘little or nothing’ of the way tyres will influence their stopping distance or impact their grip on the road. Only 39% said they were ‘very likely’ to find out which tyres have the best grip in winter conditions, 29% said the same for summer conditions. One in three EU drivers confirmed they change every year to winter tyres when it’s appropriate to do, but even of those who drive in cold, snow and ice conditions and claim to be aware of the importance of winter tyres, one in five admit they never switch.

That’s for tyre choice, how about tyre maintenance? 73% of EU respondents claim to know the appropriate tyre pressure for different driving conditions, but almost half of the people surveyed didn’t know when exactly to check tyre pressure (when the tyres are cold). And while 59% of respondents stated they regularly checked their tyre pressure, half of them admitted they might set out on a long journey without doing so. Similarly, 52% say they regularly check their tyres tread depth, but three in ten of them can’t even remember the last time they did. Moreover, more than one respondent in three admitted they continue to drive as normal on worn tyres, which tyre experts consider a major safety risk.

More ‘tyre awareness’ in order to improve road safety

“This survey on tyres & road safety reveals some of the worrying driving practices we all need to address to make our roads safer places,” said Tom Delforge, Director of Communications EMEA at Goodyear Dunlop. “It also shows a number of road safety risks that can be addressed by promoting the right tyre choice, building more awareness and encouraging better maintenance. At Goodyear Dunlop we believe that the right tyre for the right conditions in combination with the right driving behaviour can lead to a safer journey. Our survey shows three quarters of drivers would appreciate knowing more about tyres and their role in road safety, and we intend to accelerate our efforts to support this learning curve, together with all stakeholders”.

3,500 drivers were surveyed across Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK.


Survey Methodology:

• The study was carried out by APCO Insight on behalf of “Goodyear Dunlop Europe” to better understand licensed drivers’ road safety awareness, beliefs and practices.
• A total of 3,500 European drivers were surveyed, 500 each for Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK.
• Fieldwork was carried out from 31 August to 9 September 2010.
• Interviews were conducted online in the local language of each country. Nationally representative quotas were set on gender and age.
• Respondents had to: Have a valid driver’s license, be older than 18, and be an active driver (drive more than 1km per year).

About Goodyear Dunlop

• Goodyear has 111 years’ worth of experience in developing a vital part of any vehicle - the tyre. We believe that we have a responsibility be involved in the tyre safety debate, and we want to contribute to safer mobility.
• Goodyear Dunlop is a signatory to The European Road Safety Charter (ERSC).
• Goodyear Dunlop supported the idea of an EU Tyre Label that makes it easier for consumers to judge tyre performance from an environmental and safety perspective.
• Goodyear Dunlop has supported the mandatory introduction of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside a tyre – in all new passenger cars from 2012, and all cars from 2014
• Goodyear Dunlop also supports the idea of member states bringing in laws around winter tyres to improve road safety in winter conditions.
• Goodyear Dunlop is engaging with stakeholders to demonstrate the importance of road safety.
• Goodyear Dunlop commissioned the Goodyear Road Safety Survey 2010, in order to raise awareness of the importance of basic tyre maintenance.


A survey has revealed a large number of parents do not consider their child’s safety when it comes to travelling by bus or coach this winter.

76% of those surveyed admitted they didn’t think about the type of tyres fitted to school buses, which are frequently used for educational excursions and transportation about town. The poll of 500 parents also showed that 82% felt it was the responsibility of the school to enforce tyre checks and 26% said they didn’t know the difference between cold weather and summer tyres.

The survey was commissioned by leading tyre manufacturer Goodyear as the firm continues to promote the importance of road safety. The firm hopes that through the right education we will not see events like the Lanark Grammar School coach crash, which killed a teenage girl and injured 44 earlier this year as the vehicle lost control on icy roads in southwest Scotland.

Kate Rock, Goodyear’s pr support manager, commented: “Tyre safety is of great concern to us and at Goodyear we have an important role to play in educating society on the benefits of cold weather tyres.

“When the cold weather hits it’s imperative that tyres provide motorists with the correct grip, traction and control to tackle the difficult driving conditions. We believe that safety is a shared responsibility and that together we can put pressure on bus and coach operators to ensure that their vehicles are fitted with the right tyres to tackle the weather conditions.”

For further information and tips on how to drive safely this winter visit


News release issued on behalf of Goodyear by Connect PR

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