Friday 7 May 2010

Connect PR hits the headlines!

So it’s official then. We’re heading for a coalition Government after the Great British public had their say.

We don’t know what all the fuss is about here at Connect PR...

...We’ve been working in partnership with others for years now, and it hasn’t done us any harm.

Our clients are allied with our account managers, our account managers are allied with our account executives, and as boss is allied with our reporting methods. We think!

So many questions will consume the UK’s leading media titles for the foreseeable future, and political correspondents will be getting to grips with all manner of conundrums, doubtless until our next PR update on May 14th.

We’ll let them hypothesise while we summarise the last seven days at Connect PR.

On the theme of coalition, we’ll kick off with the HiQ fast fit network’s latest news, all about their current trading figures for 2010.

Thanks to the network’s partnership led, unique franchise model within the fast fit network, it has been able to post a 9.9 per cent increase in gross profit for Q1, compared to the corresponding period last year.

If that isn’t a good news story in the face of an ongoing financial downturn, then we don’t know what is. Green shoots or no green shoots! Watch out for a number of headlines soon.

We’ll give you another reason to embrace a hung parliament now, courtesy of our Volkswagen commercial vehicle dealership account.

Through a close working allegiance built on trust, we have been able to boast a handful of new retailers, following on from last week’s announcement of five new additions.

We’re proportionally representing most of the dealerships in the UK at present, and their PR results amass to an estimated advertising equivalent (EAV) of £225,000 so far this year. Never mind Nick. We agree with Richard, Sue, Becki and Zoe!

Now all week we’ve heard all about the need for change; about voting with your hearts and seizing the chance of a generation.

Funny that, because we’ve been using a few similar lines of our own to try and lure some new business to Connect PR!

If we’re as successful as Neil Kinnock was in 1992 then we’ll be a bit downbeat, but we’re not thinking along those lines.

‘We’re alright. We’re alright. We’re alright’ shrilled the presumptuous Labour leader in that infamous speech of yesteryear.

We’ll be screaming ‘We’re bloody brilliant, we’re bloody brilliant, we’re bloody brilliant’ if it makes a difference next week. Watch this space.

We’ll be watching the football results this weekend as well. Richard Knowles is currently at the top of our inter-agency fantasy football league and is a game away from lifting the trophy.

Bearing in mind that Kathy won it last year, you might want to get in touch with us if you want some predictions for next season.

Mind you, when we boast the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy as a client and have secured its best ever season for PR results, we shouldn’t have any excuses.

The only question left is how Richard has managed to assume an increasingly swarthy, St Tropez appearance as the week has progressed (pictured in paler form, looking for the bottle of Johnson & Johnson holiday skin)

Either he hasn’t washed, or he’s auditioning for Tropic Thunder II in the absence of Robert Downey Jr.

We’re opting for the former. Perhaps he’ll have a bath once we know who's going to be the next PM.

Have a good weekend!
Connect PR

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