Wednesday 26 May 2010

Eurovans secures motorcross sponsorship

A van technician has secured his first Motorcross sponsorship allowing him to enter this season’s national Wulfsport British Masters Motorcross Series.

Steve Cornwall, from Hadlow Down, who is usually found under a bonnet of a Volkswagen van in Eastbourne, is delighted that his employer, Eurovans, has agreed to support his off-road racing quest.

The 22 year old began racing competitively three years ago at club level. As a more experienced rider, Steve wanted to progress to the nationals but required a large secure vehicle to transport his bike and equipment to the monthly race meetings.

Eurovans provided Steve with a long wheel base LT Volkswagen van which he has converted into a mobile bike workshop and living space. The new vehicle enables Steve to comfortably travel and compete in the race meetings without the expense of accommodation and bike storage.

Steve, who races with his brother Tim in the Kawasaki Masters, is delighted with the new mobile support vehicle.

He said: “We are so grateful to Eurovans for their support. Without the van we would never have been able to enter the national series. The race meetings are often quite a distance away and the cost of accommodation and transporting the bikes would have made it impossible for us to compete.

“I have converted the van into a mobile home come garage which is kitted out with mattresses, a mini kitchen plus a dedicated space to carry two bikes and all the other equipment we require.

“It’s great to have somewhere secure for all our kit and to know we have a reliable van to get us to the venues, leaving us to concentrate on the racing.”

Bruce Smithson, director of Eurovans, said: “We were very happy to support our local up and coming talent. Steve has done an impressive job converting the van to meet his needs. He spent many hours perfecting the interior and it is all credit to his expertise and dedication to the sport.

“We know Steve wants to finish the season in the top 10 of the Kawasaki Masters and would like to wish him all the success in achieving this goal.”

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