Friday 14 May 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines

Her palms were sweaty, knees weak arms were heavy...

...Thankfully there was no vomit on Kathy’s sweater during her pitches as she secured Connect PR two new business wins this week. (pictured, with no vomit on crisp white shirt)

That’s right, our account director has gone the extra mile, (or make that 8 miles?!) to add Uponor and Your Horse Live to our impressive portfolio of clients.

We’ll be saddling up for the unique opportunities presented by a leading manufacturer of heating and plumbing systems, not to mention the exclusive horse event in November. We’ll be galloping away with some creative ideas henceforth.

With such brilliant news to boast, you’d think that the office would be a picture of tranquillity and harmony this week.

Well, it was until our very own expenses scandal hit the headlines, courtesy of Ben and Richard’s itemised phone bills.

While everyone else were keeping the handsets in their handbags, the pair had phoned more friends than Chris Tarrant.

Ben’s calls linked back to British Rail’s train station. Richard’s were linked to Babestation, apparently.

The scandal subsided when, just like a West Midlands Travel bus, our third bit of good news arrived all at once.

Once Rich had bid a fond farewell to ‘babe number two’, he whispered some sweet nothings into the ears of Volkswagen van drivers, along with Zoe, Becki and Sue.

Our successful Volkswagen commercial vehicles team have been getting in touch with VW enthusiasts who have been telling them about their treasured vans and why they love them so much.

In return, the guys have been sending out official posters to them in a huge success story for us.

Not only does the simple idea demonstrate how well we communicate with Volkswagen’s end users, but it reinforces the strength of twitter and other forms of social networking, which we have used to our advantage once more.

Another big initiative we are working on is the HiQ Local Hero campaign, which was launched by Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell.

We’re now getting scores of people nominating their unsung community heroes and we are hoping that many more will get in touch, as one winner gets set to receive a £500 prize and £5,000 for a community project of their choice.

Click on for more information. We’d love to see some of your entries.

Thanks for reading. Here’s for another successful seven days starting from Monday. After a bloody good weekend first!

Play up Pompey!

Connect PR

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