Tuesday 30 November 2010


One of the UK’s most innovative providers of heating systems has launched a new product aimed at simplifying the process of design and installation of underfloor heating.

Uponor’s One Pack concept offers customers an easier way of quoting, buying and stocking bespoke underfloor heating systems of up to 112m2 by minimising the list of components to choose from and reducing quote to delivery times.

Customers can log onto an online toolkit at www.one-pack.co.uk and submit their own underfloor heating criteria – allowing an immediate calculation of the number of heating loops required for each flooring area – referred to as a ‘zone’.

Uponor’s Applications Manager, Neil Young, explained: “All-in-one packs are not new; at Uponor we have offered small area packs for some time, but what One Pack aims to do is give installers the power to do a whole ground floor without needing to get into the schematics.

“All installers need to know is the floor construction base, the amount of zones they desire, the area of each zone in m2, the manifold location and its distance to the relevant zones.

“From there, Uponor will assemble a One Pack tailored to the basic specifications given by the customer and deliver it quickly to their local merchant.”

One Pack features Uponor’s world renowned multi-layer composite pipe and is available in both Screed and Suspended floor systems, meaning users from the new build and renovation markets will benefit from easy installation and increased pipe efficiency.

Merchants will also benefit from Uponor’s latest product as under-floor heating is becoming more popular – meaning faster service is essential.

In a similar way to installers, merchants can send basic criteria from a set of customer plans for an appropriate One-Pack in a matter of minutes. The One Pack will arrive at a Merchants with all the tools required to complete the job, along with instructions and a full DVD guide.

For more information on the Uponor One Pack please visit www.one-pack.co.uk, email enquiries.uk@uponor.com or call 01455 550355.

Uponor’s dedicated Training Academy offers a range of courses including the design and layout of underfloor heating systems as well as a course dedicated to controls. Bespoke workshops can also be developed to cater for individual needs. For more information log on to www.uponor.co.uk or call 01455 551 363.

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