Wednesday 22 December 2010


A survey has revealed that motorists would choose Cheryl Cole as their winter breakdown hero.

Goodyear teamed up with Mountain Rescue England and Wales to commission the research to reveal how motorists prepare and drive during the cold weather.

Results showed that 36% of drivers questioned would like Cheryl Cole to come to their rescue in the event of a breakdown with Robbie Williams polling as the top male celebrity choice.

However, Goodyear’s brand manager, Michelle Fisher, said that the results also showed a lack of awareness when it came to driving safely throughout the winter: “While our national survey in partnership with Mountain Rescue produced some fun results, it also shows areas of great concern.

“From those drivers questioned over 80% said they didn’t fit cold weather tyres, 11% said they carried out no basic vehicle safety checks and 47% didn’t carry a winter car kit containing essential items such as a snow shovel and fleece blanket.”

Michelle added: “It’s important that drivers know how best to prepare for the difficult driving conditions, as a little basic preparation can prevent incidents that require the help of breakdown and emergency services .”

Goodyear recommends motorists switch to cold weather tyres when temperatures drop below 7oC to improve car handling and braking performance. Goodyear’s award winning UltraGrip 7+ cold weather tyre delivers unparalleled control in hazardous winter conditions. Voted best cold weather tyre by a leading weekly car magazine, the tyre was tested and proven to stop six car lengths shorter than a conventional tyre on snow.

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