Friday 17 December 2010


A North Lincolnshire motorist is advising fellow drivers to shop around for the best deal on car servicing after making a surprising discovery.

John Bishop from Kirmington was so concerned by the latest quote from his independent car servicing garage, he set about finding a better deal.

After gathering a number of quotes for his Volkswagen Jetta’s service, John was shocked to discover his local independent was one of the most expensive outlets for his car’s service.

He said: “Like many people I assumed my local independent garage was the best place to get my car serviced.

“I thought the price quoted was quite high so shopped around Grimsby, including my local Volkswagen retailer, F Cross.

“Remarkably F Cross was over 25 per cent cheaper than the independent I’d been using for many years, and includes a free MOT, discount on my next service and a valet.”
John has been so impressed with F Cross he’s allowing his experience to be used in the Volkswagen retailer’s Fixed Price Servicing advertising campaign.

Nick Giddings, brand director at F Cross, said: “John’s experience is not uncommon, as people often think franchised retailers are more expensive and low on customer service.

“With Volkswagen’s new fixed price servicing programme we now have clear and transparent menu of costs so customers can choose where to spend their hard earned money.”

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