Monday 26 July 2010

Safety Tops Calor's Agenda

As the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Calor places huge importance on health and safety and has confirmed its commitment to promoting a safer industry by sponsoring the Fork Lift Truck Association’s (FLTA) Safety Conference for a second year.

From advances in cylinder technology to bulk tank inspections and dedicated training courses, Calor strives to share best practice and educate people on the safe use of LPG and has put in place a number of measures to aid customers and employees ensure safe storage, supply and usage of fuel.

Safety First
The FLTA Safety Conference is an annual event, looking at measures that can be taken to minimise the risk of safety incidents and how best to share responsibility for health and safety issues. Everyone has a duty to themselves and their colleagues to ensure procedures are followed minimising risk; and this is relevant more than ever in areas where forklift trucks are present.

Bulk and Fixed Fuel Tanks
Calor’s own Fixed Fuel Tanks (FFTs) are designed and constructed in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), and is issued with full training and a test certificate.

Available in 55 litre and 70 litre capacities, FFTs reduce manual handling requirements, with there being no need to lift and replace cylinders and increase productivity by reducing the time and frequency a driver spends re-fuelling the vehicle. Both size tanks are mounted on to the back of the forklift allowing direct refuelling from onsite bulk LPG tanks.

Calor takes full responsibility for all maintenance and testing of its FFTs, bulk tanks and integral fittings. Every ten years a comprehensive tank examination is completed in addition to delivery drivers been trained to carry out a full visual inspection at every visit.

All components are replaced well within their working lifetime and when required the tank will be replaced at Calor’s cost. No compromises are made with Calor’s inspection team, who are audited by the United Kingdom Advisory Service (UKAS).

Cylinder Supply
Each and every Calor cylinder is date stamped to ensure that safety tests and refurbishments are carried out at regular intervals. A pressure relief valve (PRV) is fitted to every cylinder to ensure safety in storage and use. In addition, Calor’s extensive network of gas stockists, combined with the largest LPG delivery network in the UK, means that cylinders do not need to be stored unnecessarily at customers’ premises in large quantities.

Calor continues to innovate the cylinder market by looking for news way to ensure businesses are not only as safe, but also as efficient, as possible. Unique to Calor FLT cylinders is Magnatract™ technology which eliminates the risk of any small metal particles within the cylinder entering the vaporiser and interrupting supply. What’s more, Calor cylinders contain ‘memory plastic’ dip tubes instead of traditional metal tubes further eliminating the risk of internal tube fractures which could result in downtime.

The Calor training facility runs extensive courses for its employees, contractors, and also for its customers. Training can be carried out on or off site at the customer’s request. The courses cover the key elements of LPG supply including the properties and hazards of LPG, the use of regulators, changeover valves and hoses, the siting and changing of cylinders, fuel storage, equipment maintenance, ventilation and emergency procedures.

Health and Safety Site Surveys
Calor’s dedicated team of technical experts is experienced in assessing businesses’ needs , paying particular attention to health and safety issues along with fuel supply, layout of refuelling areas and warehouse management.

Calor’s forklift truck Senior Sales Professional, Jim Moyes, says: “It is vital that forklift truck operators, as well as employees working in forklift areas., receive adequate training. Calor’s team offers unrivalled LPG knowledge, experience and technical expertise giving operators the assurance that all elements of health, safety and training will be considered at all times.”

To aid understanding of the importance of health and safety, as well as illustrate the unique features of Calor’s LPG supply, Calor has produced a wide range of literature tailored to customers’ needs. All literature is available upon request by calling Calor on 0800 216 659.

For added peace of mind, Calor operates a gas emergency service. Operators can be contacted on 0845 7 444 999 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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