Friday 30 July 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines!

“Push, push, push,” implored our boss Hazel, as she willed us on to produce even stronger press releases and more colourful campaign ideas this week.

Wiping the sweat from our brows and assuming a comfortable position, we obliged, stopping briefly to snort some gas and air and sip a cup of tea.

Becki went on to send out some perfectly formed press releases from the HiQ network, one of which detailed the ultimate driving anthem of all time. (we’ll reveal all this time next week)

Lee gritted his teeth and pushed out some wonderful ideas for Goodyear Dunlop and their Mountain Rescue partnership.

Sue got cravings for Lucozade after a selfless, concerted effort for her clients Amtico flooring and Weston Park. (she also ran 35 miles this week in her spare time – she’s fit!)

Zoe looked flush after some intensive Volkswagen work, which was all worthwhile again, while Lizzie kept her focus and determination for uni-ball.

Meanwhile, Ben and Kathy exposed their credentials to a captive company audience for the first time, as Connect PR was unveiled as a new member of the Uponor family at their national sales meeting this week.

And finally, but by no means least, Richard and his beautiful partner Sarah became parents with the arrival of baby Poppy on Tuesday. (See picture of Richard and the little smasher!)

Rumours that Rich’s first words to Sarah were ‘You made that look like hard work’ are wide of the mark.

We’re raising a glass to you three this weekend.

Hope the rest of you have a bundle of fun too!
Connect PR

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