Tuesday 27 July 2010

Installers told: A change is as good as a rest with Uponor

Tradesmen across the UK are being told to welcome a ‘family of proven products’ to their toolkits, which have been labelled as a revolution in the plumbing industry.

Uponor believe that a big breakthrough in the UK market is now imminent, courtesy of its clean, professional and versatile plumbing systems, which are already being heralded across more than 30 countries worldwide.

If current market trends in other parts of Europe are replicated in the UK and installers see the benefits of Uponor’s product, the market share of plastics and composites will continue to increase rapidly to a point where copper pipework becomes almost obsolete.

At present, Uponor plumbing systems are being regularly installed across Europe and North America with a combined total of 3 billion metres of pipe being sold – enough to stretch around the world three times.

Without the disadvantages of corrosion, incrustation and hot-works requirement - not to mention the inconvenience of having to paint - Uponor is winning acclaim in the UK for its quick, safe installation in the domestic and commercial plumbing and heating sector.

Uponor’s Multi-Layer Composite pipe (MLCP) and PEX pipe both offer a light and remarkably easy system, which boasts jointing on the inside of the pipe with no moving parts.

Moreover, installers are switching from traditional copper pipework to either product because of its price stability, ease of use, cleanliness and secure jointing.

Uponor’s applications manager Richard Haworth said: “It is too simplistic to call our product plastic. Our PEX pipe has been developed over a long period of time, being the only product of its type to have successfully completed a live 30 year test cycle.

It is cross-linked polyethylene that gives performance and stability. And because of its thermal memory, each joint will tighten over time as the pipe will try to contract to its original state.

“Our MLC pipe is similarly advanced. With no welding, thread cutting, soldering or gluing, the range of fittings are perfectly co-ordinated, with a simple cut, bevel and press required to complete an otherwise challenging job.

Further advantages of a Uponor plumbing system include the decreased threat of theft, and the removal of copper price uncertainty.

Richard concluded: “We cannot stress enough that this is a professional, well-designed system.

“Our big challenge is to communicate this with the industry and to showcase our range of solutions so that professionals can see this for themselves.”

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