Friday 9 July 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines!

First impressions last at Connect PR, which is why we are proud to start off our weekly blog with a ‘world exclusive’ for your eyes only.

Ta da! Take a look at our new-look office in the Chubb Buildings, which has been redesigned and refurbished in an attempt to wow our clients and invigorate us to levels of productivity never seen before.

The clients absolutely love it. Richard still couldn’t be bothered to make a cup of tea at 3pm however.

We all contemplated a colour to add into the scheme, based on what they say about us as individuals.

Ben opted for maroon. Funny that, as the colour is synonymous with someone likable and generous.

It is also a favorite colour of someone who has been battered by life apparently, but we’ll gloss over that bit.

The rum caramel we opted for – complimented with a steel symphony blue – will surely form the backdrop of countless PR success stories over the coming weeks and months to come, and we are all excited by the changes.

They come at a timely time too, and represent the beginning of an exciting new chapter at Connect PR.

A chapter that sees the Connect group flying the flag for innovation in the great city of Wolverhampton.

Coupled with the appointment of Connect’s 20th marketing specialist of the year and our best ever year since the company was formed in 1993, the future looks bright. The future looks rum caramel and steel symphony!

Last week we promised never to mention football in a Connections blog again.

Sorry folks, but work prohibits us from such a claim, courtesy of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.
The domestic season might be a good month away, but we have been busy getting our client’s name out to scores of county FAs and even more regional and national journalists.

In another innovative attempt to engage with the grass roots of football, Johnstone’s are searching for a ‘Marvellous Manager’ in the non-league game, who doubtless spends great lengths of time, money and stress on their beloved Sunday league sides.

If you can think of a suitable candidate, we’d love to hear from you on or email

Moreover, Johnstone’s Paint has just received the ultimate endorsement, with thousands of fans identifying the brand as the official partners of the Football League.

Following a Football League survey, Johnstone’s boasted a significant uplift in sponsorship awareness across all supporters – with 47 per cent citing the brand as the Football League’s official partners compared to 35 per cent in 2008.

This betters awareness of Carling, Nationwide and Eon, to name but three.
Southampton’s Rickie Lambert might argue it is all down to the power of his right foot and 73,000 Saints fans.

We call it the power of PR!
Have a good weekend everyone
Connect PR


  1. Another brilliant blog. This author is some talent. And so gorgeous. Wow, he's the greatest.

  2. I love the rum caramel coloured walls that surround our office. Shame the decorator wasn't Willy Wonka as they look good enough to eat!