Friday 9 July 2010

It's a family affair at HiQ Chapel Ash

A familiar face at a popular fast fit centre in Wolverhampton is hanging up his keys and passing his business down to his son, after more than 40 years in the automotive industry.

For Colin Bennett at HiQ Chapel Ash, it’s a family affair after deciding to hand control of his successful centre to his son Simon, following years of tireless work.

And to celebrate the dawning of a new chapter at one of HiQ’s most established centres in the UK, £10,000 has been spent to fully rebrand and refurbish the centre.

Colin started out his career in 1968 working as a sales clerk for Goodyear and since then, has progressed into various managerial roles before becoming director of retail in 1992.

He is considered as something of a revolutionary, having been an integral force behind the creation of the HiQ fast fit retail concept, which has now grown to 140 centres nationwide.

He was also a strong advocate of a franchise business model and was one of HiQ’s first ever franchisees, having taken the leap from Goodyear into his own centre in Chapel Ash, in 1997.

Colin said: “It has been a great journey with HiQ. Seeing how much the business has developed and how the industry has progressed has been staggering. When I started there weren’t even mobile phones or calculators.

“Over the years communications have become quicker and more immediate, having great effect upon business growth and customer reach.”

Taking over from his father, Simon has said how he plans to promote the business online to influence motorists more and keep their presence established among customers and prospects.

Colin added: “I’m very proud of the successes HiQ has accomplished and especially our centre in Chapel Ash. I know Simon will continue to achieve great things and continue to meet the needs of our customers on a day to day basis.”
For more information about HiQ Chapel Ash contact 01902 420234.

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