Friday 2 July 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines!

It’s not an easy task to generate headlines up and down England’s green and pleasant land when everyone has an incisive article to print about our nation’s whimpering football team.

Naturally, we have been achieving our goals at Connect PR all week, even if Fabio wasn’t so successful in Bloemfontein.

What’s more, we continue to see great potential in our clients which we will celebrate in the weeks and months to come.

We have already hit the back of the net with a long range effort, gaining the UK’s leading pen manufacturer a spot on GMTVs website.

A competition to promote the Signo Scents range on one of the best read websites in the UK has yielded more than 150,000 entries. That’s about the same amount of England football fans who have remortgaged their houses to get home from South Africa.

The simple, effective method of communication has been a big hit with the client, and something that we will look to replicate in the coming months, to supplement the existing PR work that we carry out on a daily basis.

We have also helped to launch Goodyear’s national campaign to find the UK’s unsung safety heroes this week.We are calling on pupils, parents and teachers to make the nominations in a bid to recognise those who make schools a safer environment to teach, learn and play.

Lollipop ladies who turn out rain or shine to cross children safely or school governors who work tirelessly to introduce playground safety equipment; whoever the person, Goodyear wants to know your reason to award them this prestigious accolade.

If you have a nomination, then send it our way to
Other clients are also going to benefit from some long term planning from Connect PR, a point that the FA could take note of.

Our young and hungry team are already plotting some big national media successes for Baxi in the months ahead.

We are also bending the boundaries for Uponor, the leading underfloor heating and plumbing experts.

We are with Bob Hoskins and BT here. It’s good to talk! We’ve been talking to dozens of trade titles and are already looking forward to some big features to remember.

While we always look at getting as much instant, immediate PR as possible, we do look at the bigger picture too, and put as many plans in place for future gains as well.
With that in mind, have a look at our England football team below.

You see…We are great at forward planning at Connect PR!

Micah Richards
Rodwell (pictured above, versatile young man)
Parker ©
Jones (Blackburn)
A Johnson

Have a great weekend, and no more mentions of football on here. (well, for a while)

Connect PR

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