Thursday 3 June 2010


A school visit from a local business manager has inspired children to choose their careers early.

St James the Great Primary School in East Malling has been teaching Year six children about their aspirations and ambitions for their future professions

The talk by Beadles Volkswagen’s service manager, Steve McGannon, from inspired many of the children to consider a future in the automotive industry.

Due to the popularity of Steve’s visit, Beadles Volkswagen invited Jack Cadwallader, Matthew Abrey, Alix Lucas and Shannon Calverley to the retailer for a tour of the workshop and showroom.

Clare Mason, senior leader of learning at the school, said: “We were delighted to receive the invitation from Beadles Volkswagen for the children have a guided tour and talk with staff.

“They had an incredible afternoon and returned to school with knowledge, enthusiasm and desire for a career in the car industry.

“We continually look at ways of developing children’s interests in their future working life and can’t thank Steve and Beadles enough for their support.”

Steve said: “Children are the future workforce for many local businesses and it’s important we help them make the right choice in careers.

“By talking to them in school and allowing visits, children can sample life at a car retailer early, before deciding if it’s the right career for them.

“Judging by the enthusiasm of the children, I’m sure a few of them will be back in the coming years.”

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