Wednesday 2 June 2010

Car technicians complete mammouth bike ride for charity

Three body shop specialists from Nottingham Volkswagen have completed one of their hardest life challenges after cycling 85 miles for charity.

Richard Dorito, 33, along with his work colleagues Lee Warnes, 38, and Daniel Boyle, 26, all from Nottingham, cycled from Loughborough to Skegness on Saturday 15th May to raise funds for Bone Cancer Research.

The cycling trio joined 200 other cyclists on the day and managed to complete the journey in an exhausting nine hours, collectively raising over £1,000 for the charity.

Richard said: “We were inspired to complete the challenge after a friend’s son died of bone cancer. It is such a devastating illness we all felt we wanted to do something to help raise awareness for the charity.

“It was an amazing experience, a tough day mentally and physically but it was worth the effort knowing that the money raised would help fund research into the causes and treatment of bone cancer.

“It is with thanks to the team at Nottingham Volkswagen that we were able to raise as much as we did. Everyone really got behind us.”

Around 500 cases of primary bone cancer is diagnosed in the UK each year.

Brand manager at Nottingham Volkswagen, Declan Oglesby said: “Richard, Lee and Daniel trained hard to complete this challenge and have all done exceptionally well.”

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