Friday 25 June 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines

These weekly blogs always state that we hit the headlines here at Connect PR...

...It’s no wonder when one of our members of staff is dressed up as a giant uni-ball pen!
(Is that Becki pictured below?)
The very same people who created the Duracell bunny have worked with us to create the Jetstream 101 character, in an attempt to get the product in offices everywhere.

Saying that, the Jetstream 101’s wonderful levels of protection and unique pigment ink is already making the product a hit, didn’t you know?
All we need now is a name for the character.

We propose Jermain Jetstream, after Defoe’s predatory instincts in front of goal on Wednesday night. Maybe it will be his 101st goal for club and country in the process. Maybe not.

Giving football a mention as low down as the 6th sentence took some doing, as the whole of the country has been going World Cup crazy.

Another client, HiQ, has a vested interest in Sunday’s game with Germany. The fast fit network’s retail director is German, and he will be buying English breakfasts for his staff if Germany lose, such is his unwavering confidence.

Nobody has volunteered to buy Juergen Titz a continental breakfast if Germany win, funnily enough. All that cold meat would be enough to turn their stomachs after a bitter defeat.

This time last week, we’d be grateful to look forward to a last 16 game in the World Cup after such a dismal showing against Algeria.

The result was the only low point of our Connect World Cup party last Friday (hence the lack of weekly blog on June 18, sorry!)

Our male clients took to the Belfry golf course while our female guests got all manner of massages and beauty treatments, before the game was shown on a big screen for everyone to ‘enjoy.’

After 280 lost balls, countless aching limbs and a look of dishevelled bewilderment, the men regretted not taking their moisturisers.
Uni-ball's Stuart Barker did win some of Banks's finest beer for a close-ish tee shot at the 15th. (He is pictured above right with a rather gorgeous PR guru. Well done too, to Steve Trow and Neil Gow for their moments of glory)

Then, darts stars James Wade and Mark Webster took to the oche and showed what real competitive sport is all about. 180! Thanks again to everyone who came along.

Staying on the sport theme, we’ll throw you some more bait, courtesy of the Go Fishing Show that we are promoting on July 17 and 18.

With fish and chips wrapped strategically in the very headlines we have created around the event, Zoe and Becki took to the road to give reporters and editors something to chew over on Thursday.

It was a case of hook, line, and sinker as the pair spent valuable time with some of the finest hacks across the Staffordshire region, ahead of the show at Cudmore Fisheries. Click on for more.

That’s all for now. Talk can get a bit cheap when the results speak for themselves, eh Fabio?
Our results continue to amaze. So will England on Sunday. We’re going for a 3-0 win, courtesy of a Jetstream 101 hat-trick.

Enjoy the weekend. COME ON ENGLAND!

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  1. That PR bloke with Stuart Barker is the hunkiest guy I have seen. Wow.