Friday 4 June 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines!

You’ve got to hold and give and do it at the right time...

...No, we’re not talking about our beautifully crafted press releases here at Connect PR, but the World Cup, which is keeping us all busy at the moment.

Yes, yes, checking up on Fabio’s final 23 man squad took up a bit of time this week, but we’ve also been doing a lot of World Cup work for our clients too.

WD-40, that bastion of lubrication, has sprayed its name onto the Greatest Show on Earth by issuing free England car flags with every can of WD-40 sold at independent retailers.

Check out our picture of Zoe (above), already flying one of the flags out of her executive Audi A5. It’s amazing what our account executives can afford. She’ll be buying a pair of Jimmy Choos for £500 next.

I wonder how many Johnstone’s Paint Trophy mini-footballs £500 quid could buy?

We’re no experts in the maths department, so we’ve been offering the exclusive merchandise to allow fans to have a ball as the World Cup approaches.

A host of top titles are running the competitions in the coming days to keep the trophy in everyone’s minds as the summer officially arrives.

Would you like one? Just leave a comment at the end of this blog and we’ll drop one in the post to you, you lucky things!

Meanwhile, back on the coal face, Kathy and Ben have been learning everything about underfloor heating systems at a two day seminar on installation and application, courtesy of Uponor.

The fact neither of them have homes suitable for underfloor heating is now of little consequence. The pair of them are painting their very own meander and bifilar patterns, (below suitably screeded floors of course!) and have got new birthday present requests!

Our new client Uponor is revolutionising the plumbing and underfloor heating market and it was a real eye opener to see just how advanced their heating systems are.

So advanced in fact, that then mere sight of a copper pipe has brought Ben out in a rash, and Kathy in a fit of rage. Thanks Uponor, for a marvellous couple of days.

And finally, Connect PR has been reminded to keep up the social networking, courtesy of a new addition to the office.

A little bird (we were thinking of the Common Tit, but Richard wasn’t about unfortunately) flew into the office today and tweeted its little heart out.

Obviously lost, dazed and confused, the feathered friend was eventually plucked from danger and thrown back into the Wolverhampton sky. No surprise that he flew back to us five minutes later then. Poor thing.

In seriousness, the cute little bird reminded us of the virtues of twitter, and other social networking sites. We have long pioneered the use of such sites and our clients have been benefiting for months of tweeting.

HiQ, Baxi, WD-40, Uni-ball, Reeves, Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, Volkswagen and so many other clients are all reaping the rewards of regular dialogue with their end users. It really is invaluable, and we’re so pleased, if not humble, to have stolen a march on so many other agencies in this area.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Connect PR