Friday 11 June 2010

Connect PR hits the headlines!

Like the England national team, these Connect PR weekly blogs are a bit like the tried and trusted 4-4-2...

...Easy to look at, well drilled, and with an emphasis to show off our attacking skills.

But as Fabio Capello will tell you, any formation is only as good as the players within it.

So with that in mind, we’re pleased to unveil our Connect PR line-up to you, as we liken each member of the team to a current World Cup nation.

After all, there are only so many times we can say how successful we’ve been. And in case you were wondering, we’ve had another fabulous week, and our clients are continuing to reap the rewards of our hard work.

Lee Southen = Germany. Ruthlessly efficient, grinding out the results with mechanical monotony. (see double page spread in Carpet and Flooring review for Amtico. Eat my goal)

Richard Knowles = Cameroon. Like Roger Miller, Rich is older than all of his teammates put together, and tends to wiggle his hips in the corner of the office when he gets Volkswagen in the news.

Lizzie Furnell = Australia. Relatively new to the World stage, but is equally adept in getting results for every client she works on, rather like the Aussies when playing cricket, rugby, swimming, or any other damn sport.

Kathy Hodgson = Brazil. Always in the final shake-ups, getting new business accounts like Brazil get World Cup wins.

Ben Smallman = Ivory Coast. Ben has actually been chosen to write blogs for the African nation in the Daily Telegraph in a massive coup for the football nut. He’ll also entertain like the Ivorians with some great office gags. Check out

Becki Oake (pictured) = Chile. Chile scored 32 times in qualifying. Becki has shifted 32 Volkswagen ‘Evolution of Van’ posters in the last 30 minutes. Say no more.

Zoe Guest = Japan. Drives a Suzuki, which is made in Japan isn’t it? Also likely to break your arm - as well as Drogba’s - if you tell her that her cuttings sheet for Goodyear is wrong.

Sue Foster = England. Generating PR for Weston Park - a jewel in the heart of our green and pleasant land – Sue just has to be England. Plus, she swears like Wayne Rooney.

Hazel Crawford-Upton = Spain. Like a Spanish senorita, she teams up with her workforce like Torres teams up with Villa. Great on paper, great in just about every other aspect too. (Come on, this is the boss we’re referring to here!)

Enjoy the World Cup and the weekend.
Yours in Sport
Connect PR

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