Monday 1 November 2010


On Friday 5th November, The Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP will be introducing greener motoring to Barking’s motorists when The Barking Service Station Forecourt & Shop is officially opened.

The busy Barking Texaco Service Station on Ripple Road has been extensively redeveloped, and this Friday sees the culmination of four months’ work and £750,000 investment when the facilities are officially opened with a celebratory forecourt open day.

The Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP will be the guest of honour introducing local residents to a host of new services such as an extended and refitted SPAR shop, a new jet wash area, state of the art pumps and pipes, as well as the introduction of Autogas LPG.

As a viable, alternative to petrol and diesel, Autogas offers motorists savings of up to a third on fuel costs* and can dramatically reduce the impact driving has on the environment. Motorists interested in finding out more about how to save fuel costs and run cleaner, greener vehicles can meet the experts at the Barking Service Station open day this Friday.

Paul Oxford from Autogas explains the benefits for road users and the environment: “Vehicles running on LPG produce far less carbon dioxide, but they also emit far fewer of the other harmful emissions such as oxides of nitrogen and microscopic particles, known as PM10s, which are found in diesel and petrol and have a damaging effect on the environment.

“In fact vehicles running on LPG produce 17 per cent less carbon dioxide than petrol. In terms of oxides of nitrogen, which is equally as harmful to the environment, Autogas delivers 120 per cent less than petrol and a staggering 2,000 per cent less than diesel.

“PM10, or small particle, emissions, which have been singled out in road pollution studies as being particularly harmful to children and people suffering from Asthma, are significantly reduced in vehicles running on Autogas; figures show 120 per cent less PM10 emissions than diesel vehicles.

“But it is likely that the financial benefits of switching to LPG will be even more attractive to Barking residents. Fuel costs can be reduced by as much as 33 per cent and the conversion cost, usually around £1,800, can be recouped in less than two years*.”

Barking Service Station is located on the A13 West Bound, 3.5 miles from Canary Wharf, 3.4 miles from the City Airport and 2.9 miles from the O2 Arena. The Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge will be in attendance from 2:30pm. As the A13 is dual carriageway, motorists travelling from Docklands A406 should make a U-turn after passing the service station on the right.

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*41 per cent fuel costs calculated based on fuel costs taken from 01/11/10, consumption figures taken from for a 2.0 140 petrol Laguna Sport Tourer and assuming a 20% reduction in fuel consumption for LPG.

Notes to Editors:
- Autogas Limited
Converting a vehicle to run on LPG can be done quickly and easily by an approved converter and costs around £1,800. Most petrol powered cars, and even light commercial vehicles, can be easily converted to run on LPG.
There are now more than 1,400 public access Autogas refuelling sites with the majority of these on petrol forecourts. Autogas is the UK’s leading supplier with more than 200 refuelling sites and ambitious plans to expand the network further over the next year.
To help drivers find their nearest LPG service station Autogas offers a free to download ‘point of interest’ file for leading satellite navigation systems. Users can log onto or to upload the Autogas locator file so that no matter where you they are in the UK they can find their nearest Autogas site.
- Barking Service Station
Kennford Limited acquired the Barking service station in 2007 and has invested in excess of £750,000 pounds on the redevelopment. This has confirmed the company’s Texaco franchise for a further 5 years and resulted in prominent branding on the forecourt including bins, advertising panels and a total new canopy.

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