Tuesday 24 August 2010

HiQ Academy delivers investment in 500 people

The HiQ fast fit network has bucked an industry trend in emphatic fashion, as over 500 bespoke training courses have been booked in the first half of the year alone.

The HiQ Training Academy is reinforcing its support for its franchisees and their staff, while reversing the results of a recent fast fit industry report, which observed a 12 per cent decrease in industry training over the past two years.

HiQ’s Academy provides a personal development plan for each employee, supporting them to develop their skills in technical competencies and customer facing skills.

The training programme is further evidence of the support provided through HiQ’s partnership-led franchise model and also operates independently as a separate NVQ training programme for tyre technicians.

HiQ Operations Manager, Farrell Dolan said: “We have never had so many business owners and technicians signed up for our Academy. We are delighted to be bucking a national industry trend.”

“The implementation of our franchise model has been supported with a detailed infrastructure that supports growth and rewards performance”.

“Our Academy is just one example of the continued support that we provide, and we are delighted that it is performing so well and meeting the needs of our franchisees.

Petra Peers , HiQ Academy Co-ordinator stated “The Academy supports the HiQ vision of delivering an exceptional customer experience. It is a unique undertaking within the industry and sets HiQ apart as a leading provider of bespoke, dedicated training and a true investor in its people.”

The Academy delivers over 40 bespoke training courses covering business & Personnel development, Technical, Systems, NVQ Qualifications and Health and Safety legislations.

Petra continued “At HiQ we are passionate about training. We believe that it is what makes the difference in delivering the best customer experience in the fast fit industry.”

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