Friday 6 August 2010

Connect PR hit the headlines

According to a random proverb: ‘A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.’

With that in mind, we thought it was about time Connect PR got itself onto Facebook and became friends with as many people as possible – cracks n’ all!

With our tweeting skills now finely honed and received by more than 1,000 followers, we decided to raise our profile on another social networking phenomenon, and we’re already mates with 30 people. What’s more, they didn’t cost us a penny in bribes!

Just pop onto Facebook sometime and search for Connect PR. You’ll soon see we’re good eggs and well worth being pals with.

When we’ve got so many stories to tell on behalf of our clients, it’s a wonder we didn’t get ourselves on there earlier.

And when you consider that Ben ‘likes’ 6 cups of tea a day and Rich is ‘poked’ three times a day to actually get off his backside and make them, we can see a lot of mileage.

Let’s not forget Lizzie’s ‘suggestions’ for Chiltern Railways’ beach party in Marylebone which she is organising. Ooh we’re all excited!

We can also be friends with our client HiQ and their curiously elusive characters Bertie and Beatrice, who have been befriending the motorsport fraternity for ages now.

The pasty pair have been harping on about the network’s half yearly business results, which were so impressive that Sky News were on the phone to us to find out more this week.

Then there’s the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, who are gearing up for the new football season with another epic Connect PR initiative under its arm (or handle?!).

We’re looking for bloggers from every League 1 and 2 club to get in touch and become our roving reporters for the new campaign. With prizes to be won and press seats at 48 grounds, we are bracing ourselves for scores of entries.

Speaking of entries, our three bright young PR executives flew the Connect flag at the PRCA Frontline quiz in Birmingham on Wednesday (see picture).

Becki, Zoe and Lizzie put their grey matter to the test, pitting their wits against fellow PR agencies in the Midlands.

Lets’ hope our counterparts weren’t privy to the girls’ specific answers, seeing Lazio is now in Russia, and Lady Gaga wrote the epic novel 1984.

No, we’re joking of course. They thought Lazio was in Slovenia.

Anyway, we’d better go and sign off for the weekend.

Here come the girls (girls, girls, girls, girls)…with a Collins Dictionary to wrap around my head.

Have a good weekend everyone
Connect PR

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