Wednesday 19 August 2009


A Plymouth cabbie is back to work as a professional taxi driver having traded in his unreliable Fiat Scudo for a purpose-built TX4 London Taxi.

The vehicle, which had been off the road since Christmas, gave Trevor Joyce a constant headache as he needed a reliable income with flexible working hours to look after his 3½ year old daughter.

Replaced front suspension, four new turbos, two ignition boxes, one gearbox and a steering pump later and Trevor was left with no choice but to opt for the tried and tested TX4.

“These converted vehicles give you no added peace of mind,” said Trevor. “Neither Fiat or the company behind the conversion would take responsibility for any of the vehicle’s faults. It’s left me in a real predicament.

“I’m now back to being a proper taxi driver and no longer feel like a delivery driver. The TX4 has that reliability that I’m looking for along with a reputable name stamped across the product in LTI Vehicles.

“I’m pleased to say that I’ve been very busy since taking delivery of my TX4 over four weeks ago. I’m glad to report no faults and would like to thank M&O Birmingham for making the change happen so smoothly and quickly.”

Gary Thomas, salesman at M&O Birmingham, said: “We’re delighted that Trevor has chosen the TX4. He was off the road so many times with his Fiat Scudo that his earnings really suffered. As many drivers will testify, the reliability of the TX4 is second to none.”

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