Wednesday 19 August 2009


Four years of hard work has paid off for Volkswagen service advisor, Emma Botwright.

Emma (23), from Yateley, has joined a small group to have gained Volkswagen’s top qualification for UK service advisors.

The qualification is reward for Emma who joined the Volkswagen retailer, Martins of Camberley, in 2006 as a call centre administrator before progressing the service advisor role.

She said: “I’m delighted to have qualified after a very demanding 12 months.

“I always aim to deliver an excellent service and this qualification has given me the extra knowledge, experience and confidence to further advance my role.

Emma completed a number of courses since embarking on the qualification including role plays and exams on law, customer satisfaction and product knowledge.

The final assessment included a role play interview and a product knowledge exam which Emma passed with flying colours achieving a result of 95 percent.

Martins of Camberley brand manager, Martin Oakley, said: “We believe having knowledgeable staff is paramount to the success of a business.

“The course is designed to equip staff with the very best knowledge to deal with customers and pass on to other employees.”

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