Friday 21 August 2009


Amtico International’s Spacia Access range is specifically designed to be installed without the need for permanent adhesive and comes with a 10-year commercial warranty guarantee.

The flooring collection includes wood, stone and abstract effects providing the solution for areas with raised access flooring or as the perfect alternative to carpet tiles.

Spacia Access offers complete versatility for commercial applications, whether semi-permanent for offices, promotional areas or permanent floor installations.

The collection comes with a urethane coating as standard making it ideal for use in high footfall commercial environments. This extremely tough layer provides a high level of scratch, scruff and stain resistance.

One such customer who has seen the results of Spacia Access is HMV. Like all retailers HMV is judged by not only what they sell but the appearance of their stores. The interior design and décor is therefore of great importance, as this ultimately affects the ambience and overall impression of the brand.

Gennaro Castaldo, head of press and PR for HMV said “We have used Amtico International products in a number of our 260 stores around the country. We're pleased with the results and feel that the functionality and maintenance of the flooring meets the practical and aesthetic needs of our stores. We were particularly impressed with the speed of installation, which was finished in just four weeks, with the Spacia Access flooring taking only a week to complete. ”

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