Tuesday 12 October 2010

Eurovans helps the homeless with local charity

A Crawley Van Centre has gone the extra mile to help a local charity after lending a van to aide harvest donations for the homeless.

Eurovans, based on Overdene Drive, has lent a Volkswagen Transporter to Crawley Open House to allow local church and school harvest donations to be collected within Crawley and the West Sussex area.

Crawley Open House is a charity that cares for people suffering from the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or social exclusion by providing drop in day centres and a direct access hostel.

Established in 1982, every year up to one hundred and fifty harvest donations are collected, ranging from food to clothes and blankets, and having use of the Volkswagen Transporter is invaluable to saving time and money, as Peter Mansfield-Clark, director of Crawley Open House explains.

He said: “Eurovans has been extremely kind in lending us use of a Volkswagen Transporter. In just four to five weeks, we are able to collect enough food to last until June 2011.

“Eurovans has been excellent and it is great to have the support of a local business.”

Bruce Smithson, director of Eurovans said: “It is fantastic to see a charity doing so much for the community and sourcing necessities for those who visit the shelter. We trust that the van helped with loading the donations and wish them the best for the future.”

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    This company Knowingly sold a vehicle through an auction house that was described by their other out of town branch (obviously without knowing) as a DEATH TRAP!

    Used Van sales manager David from Eastbourne Site spoke to me prior the auction and stated they were putting through auction a family vehicle VW Shuttle.
    This Vehicle when driven back from auction broke down.
    I then got it Towed to their Brighton branch to see what the damage was.

    I got a disturbing call today to ask me to come in and speak to them as they didn't want to release the vehicle as it was not in a driveable condition and in the technicians own words 'It is a DEATH TRAP and could have killed myself or other motorists'.

    I am a father of two children under 2 one of whom nearly died prematurely!
    This is disgusting and shameless this company deals in other peoples misery!

    Loans a vehicle that doesn't cost them anything and gets press from it!
    Good PR machine but only does thing's to get thing's!

    The drive shaft was loose their were bolts missing and parts not even attached to the Engine mount??

    Unbelievable I wonder what the German office has to say about this?

    I tried to remedy this with the Eastbourne branch and emailed BRUCE SMITHSON who passed the buck as any true lying car salesman is used to.

    I asked that he take the vehicle to be fixed but he made excuses and appointed an underling to do his dirty work.

    I have video evidence in the workshop of technician stating its a DEATH TRAP so keep eyes peeled on YOUTUBE SOON.