Wednesday 3 March 2010


The Great British Winter Olympics team is missing out on medals because it is overlooking a simple performance enhancing, home grown ingredient, it has been claimed.

WD-40, the world’s leading multi-purpose product, is confident a spray of their blue and yellow can will lead to quicker times, and more success, for skiers, snowboarders and tobogganists.

The Milton Keynes based brand now wants GB bosses to pick up the phone and discuss a success strategy for the next games in Russia.

A spokesperson said: “The difference between success and failure in professional sport comes down to mere fractions. We believe that we have a product that can lead to better times and better results for many Winter Olympic competitors.

“We would like to offer the team a year’s supply of product to help maintain equipment and hopefully improve performance in competition.”

The brand, famous for having over 2,000 uses is also providing a list of relevant uses for winter sport athletes.

The spokesperson added: “We would welcome feedback from the British Winter Olympic team and possibly new uses for WD-40.

“With various national and international competitions in the coming months, we hope the team finds positives when testing the product.”

Winter sports uses

  • Lubricates sleds and toboggans
  • Cleans and protects metal buckles on snow gear
  • Lubricates snowboard bindings
  • Removes rust from sled runners
  • Stops squeaks on ski boots
  • Prevents rust from forming on ski bindings

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