Tuesday 23 June 2009


A rainbow coloured floor might not be to everyone’s tastes, but for fashion icon Zandra Rhodes it’s the perfect addition to complement her colourful, South Bermondsey flat.

The first thing the international fashion designer did when she moved into her private fantasy space was decorate the main living area with Amtico Stardust flooring.

The floor definitely sends out a bold style statement. Situated above Rhodes’s Fashion and Textile Museum, which houses a 3,000-strong fashion collection, the brightly coloured tiles merge to create a dramatic rainbow effect.

When planning her interior décor, Zandra instantly fell in love with the vibrancy of the Amtico Stardust flooring. “Colour inspires me. I could never live in a plain white space.

“The brightly coloured floor was exactly what I was looking for and now that they are installed their glittering qualities are even more fabulous. They do indeed have stardust quality.”

Resting on a six inch ply wood base, the 144 sq. m. design took over one week to install. “The floor is in constant use, but because of its hardwearing surface any stains or spills are easily wiped away,” commented Zandra.

“My flat is now even more inviting and spacious thanks to the colours in my floor, which perfectly matches the painted rainbow walls of my interior.

“I didn’t want carpet and this is a wonderful modern alternative solution. These Amtico Stardust tiles do have a lovely feel.”

Sian Lewis, UK Marketing Manager for Amtico International said Zandra’s design uses a fun splash of intense colour. “Sometimes we all want to make a statement in interior design. Zandra has certainly achieved this by using Stardust tiles that add an eye-catching sparkle to her living space.

“Available in bold colours such as zingy juice, flamingo, ocean and cool grape, our designers have created a spectacular collection that is inspired by bold design.”

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