Monday 22 June 2009


Drivers who refuse to thank other motorists for giving way to them annoys more people than bullying bus drivers, middle-lane motorway hoggers and mobile phone users, it was revealed.

Hundreds of drivers across Britain have said cited a simple lack of manners as the most annoying aspect of their everyday journeys, after a survey was carried out by leading fast fit network HiQ.

A total of 500 motorists were asked what frustrates them about life on Britain’s open roads, with the results suggesting that some good old fashioned manners are of more importance than other highway inconveniences.

Motorway middle lane hoggers came second in HiQ’s top 10 list of irritations, with people failing to indicate third, and mobile phone usage while behind the wheel fourth.

Interestingly, drivers who take time to pull away from traffic lights on green also infuriate, while parents who proudly display ‘little princess on board’ stickers on their back windscreens also wind people up, as they are deemed too ‘pretentious.’

HiQ launched the questionnaire as the network attempts to revolutionise the fast fit industry.

Marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said: “Our accelerated national franchise programme is now complete, and all of our 150 centres are being redeveloped to bring them in line with customer expectations.

“We are attempting to remove the stress and frustrations often associated with the fast fit industry, which is why we launched this survey, which we thought would be an interesting piece of research.

“We were surprised to see the results, particularly as there was no mention of traffic wardens or speed cameras, which we thought would be the cause of major frustration.”

The top 10 list of drivers’ frustrations are:
1. Drivers failing to acknowledge when being given right of way – 21% / 105 people
2. Motorway middle lane hoggers – 18 per cent / 90 people
3. Refusing / forgetting to use indicators – 16 per cent / 80 people
4. Using mobile phone while driving – 15 per cent / 75 people
5. Slow getaway from traffic lights when green – 10 per cent / 50 people
6. Bus drivers’ ‘bullying’ road tactics – 7 per cent / 35 people
7. Caravans on road – 4 per cent / 20 people
8. Failing to stop at pedestrian crossings – 4 per cent / 20 people
9. ‘Little monkey ‘ / little princess on board’ stickers – 3 per cent / 15 people
10. Boy racer customised cars – 2 per cent / 10 people

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