Tuesday 16 November 2010

WD-40 Helps Scouts Do It Themselves

WD-40 launched its sponsorship of the Scouts DIY Activity Badge last night with a group of Northamptonshire Scouts becoming the first in the country to gain the accreditation.

As part of the sponsorship, WD-40 has created a new interactive resource for Scout leaders and members to access the information needed to achieve the badge.

The web-based educational tool teaches Scouts basic DIY tasks and safety considerations when carrying out DIY.

It includes tips and suggestions for ways in which WD-40 can help round the home including cleaning paintbrushes, removing crayon from walls, lubricating ironing boards and preventing corrosion on DIY tools.

Also featured in the resource is a step by step guide to creating your own toolbox and features a game where Scouts must put each action in the correct order against the clock.

WD-40’s senior brand manager, Neil Gow, says: “With membership numbers soaring to 500,000, and 65,000 teenagers involved in the Association, the future of the country rests in the hands of the Scouts.

“Recent research by WD-40 found that people would rather call in a professional than tackle simple DIY tasks by themselves, but we believe by sponsoring the Scouts DIY Activity Badge and providing this interactive resource we can educate the DIY experts of the future.”

WD-40’s Nick Abrams is involved in running the 17th Kettering (St Andrews) Scout group in Kettering. He says: “The Scouts movement is very important for young people. The skills they learn whilst working towards their badges will stay with them for a lifetime.

“I’m delighted that WD-40 has been able to support the Scouts with this sponsorship and make all of the information readily available in the interactive resource.”

Nikki Mason, head of corporate partnerships at The Scout Association, says: “The involvement of companies such as WD-40 can give Scouts a real boost, providing new resources and exciting ways to pass their badges. The family brand values of WD-40 tie in superbly with the Scouts movement and we’re delighted with the joint venture.”

WD-40, the multi-use product, has also launched a new communications campaign to educate consumers on the wonders of WD-40 for cleaning. Neil Gow adds: “WD-40 is well known for its ability to fix a squeaking door or lubricate an engine, but not many people know its powers stretch much further and it can be used to clean a whole host of things from tools and power tools to alloy wheels and even removing sticky labels.”

For more information on the WD-40, including 2,000 DIY, cleaning and other application ideas log on to www.wd40.co.uk. For information on Scouting including badges, your nearest group and how to join, visit http://www.scouts.org.uk/.

A video of the launch can be seen here.

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