Tuesday 23 November 2010

Blue Works from WD-40 - Gets the job done right

Industrial engineers bust-a-gut to maintain their heavy duty machinery, but thanks to WD-40 Company, things have just become easier.

Its new line of speciality maintenance products – called ‘Blue Works’ – offers industrial workers a solution for a range of repair headaches.

WD-40 – a household name
Look in any household toolbox, kitchen cupboard, garage or shed and you are almost guaranteed to find a can of WD-40. The renowned multi-purpose maintenance product is a household staple and one of Britain’s most trusted brands.

But now, WD-40 is making waves in the industrial market too, when it launches a range of specialty maintenance products that are designed to perform in the toughest industrial conditions.

Introducing Blue Works
Known as ‘Blue Works’ - the range will include: Silicone Lubricant, High-performance PTFE Lubricant, White Lithium Grease, Dry Tube PTFE Formula, Multi-purpose Lubricant, Penetrant oil, Contact Cleaner and Degreaser.

Neil Gow, Senior Brand Manager at WD-40, explains the thinking behind the new range: “We’ve been hugely successful with WD-40 – it’s a product that many people use and trust. So we aim to use our strong reputation for quality to offer a range of new high-performance products for industrial users – this is where Blue Works comes in.

“These products are designed for a very specific and specialist purposes. For instance, a product like Blue Works White Lithium Grease is designed for high pressure lubrication (up to 1,400lbs), making it an ideal product for industrial gears, guides and motor pivots.”

Neil continues to explain that other Blue Works products, such as the Contact Cleaner, have been developed to clean plastic, rubber and metal precision equipment, by quickly reducing oxides and removing dirt.

Neil added: “The Blue Works range will assist in most maintenance and repair jobs in an industrial workplace. We are confident that those responsible for maintenance, as well as engineers will be pleased with their practicality and performance.”

But when it comes to performance, don’t just take Neil’s word for it.

Proven Performance
All products in the new WD-40 Blue Works range outperformed their market competitors in key performance areas, according to multiple independent ASTM tests. And, the competitor products tested were all more expensive that Blue Works too.

This success is largely down to the extensive and in-depth testing that went into the unique industrial grade formulas in Blue Works’ products - which all contain special synthetic additives and all products are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Speaking of the multiple independent ASTM tests, Neil insisted that product quality is at the heart of everything that WD-40 does: “This is the first time we’ve released a new product into the industrial marketplace – and we wouldn’t do it unless we were absolutely sure of our products’ ability to perform to the very best standards.”

The new Blue Works range will be available from all reputable industrial distributors from December. To find your nearest stockist call 01908 555400.

For more information please visit www.blueworksbrand.com


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