Friday 16 July 2010

Connect PR hits the headlines!

As Ben is out on important client duties today, it’s down to the boss to string a few words together about our week that was.

Many in the office are sighing with relief that it’s me writing this week’s round up and not Ben, as I won’t be tempted in any way to write about the beloved Wolves or go on about football. Come on Derby County!

So what’s happened to us in the last seven days? Apart from Ben’s uncomfortable undercarriage (sorry, had to have a pop but it’s better than Richard’s suggestion of writing about piling on the coverage), we have been extremely busy.

Lizzie has secured sponsorship of the NME signing tents for Uniball’s Posca for the second year running at Reading, Leeds and the V festivals. There will be loads of brand exposure throughout and Posca will be seen on hundreds of photos on the NME gallery online. Bands playing at the events meet and greet fans at the tents and the pens will be used for signing on CDs, guitars and shirts.

Posca is also supporting cult jewellery label Tatty Devine. The label is putting on a ‘Colour by Numbers’ event at the Big Chill festival and festival goers will be personalising their own jewellery using Posca.

Our third project for Posca involves the sponsorship of a Lazy Oaf drawing event in the summer at the Tate Modern. This huge event will be featured in the Tate’s newsletter, which has 180,000 subscribers. We are also expecting 20,000 visitors to the Tate during the exhibition.

Richard, Sue, Becki and Zoe are seeing their hard work pay off for Volkswagen and are celebrating several competitions including one for the Unbelievable Value campaign in the Crewe Chronicle which is one of the newpaper’s most successful of the year. Alongside competitions for Volkswagen, Zoe has also been fishing for coverage for WD-40 with competitions placed in Max Power, Big Carp Magazine, Total Sea Fishing and Golf News.

Finally, a special mention for Richard who is expecting his first baby in the coming days. Tip of the day, stay away from cream carpets and get plenty of sleep because in my experience, you’ll not get much for a long time to come.

Ben is back next week. Much wittier and a far better writer than me, but don’t tell him I said that.

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