Thursday 8 July 2010

The answer to a healthy mind lies in fishing

A staggering 84 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men say that they don’t feel they get enough time to themselves to relax. That’s the findings from a recent survey undertaken by The Go Fishing Show which found collectively that 71 per cent of people just don’t have enough time for the relaxing things in life.

“We always knew the figures would be high, but to find that over 80 per cent of women are struggling to cope is quite amazing,” said Jo Burton, a spokesperson for the Go Fishing Show.

“Taking time out is extremely important to your wellbeing,” said Mary Roberts, an independent cognitive behavioural psychologist. She adds: “A change of scenery can really help as it can improve your state of mind and provide a means of escape to take stock and feel more positive.

“Although stress means different things to different people, we all need time to ourselves to get away from daily life stresses including work or family pressures. When you examine fishing and all of its benefits, there is no doubt it can aid wellbeing and ease stress as it ticks all the boxes.

“ Fishing provides the ideal break and time for relaxation and contemplation, helping you switch off from tasks and can provide a sense of achievement after a successful catch. Not only that, the benefits of being outdoors are tremendous for wellbeing, including vitamin D from sunlight and being in a relaxing environment near water and wildlife can be very relaxing.

“And, for people who like to relax by spending quality time with loved ones, fishing is ideal for bonding with children, grandchildren and friends.”

Jo Burton adds: “We know that fishing is extremely popular in the UK as we get thousands of people attending our annual national show. We believe it is an ideal pastime to aid mental relaxation and wellbeing at it can be very peaceful and can help people get away from it all and have some time for themselves.”

The annual Go Fishing Show takes place at Cudmore Fisheries in Newcastle-under-Lyme, near Staffordshire, on 17 & 18 July. Whether you are a novice or a die-hard angler, the exhibition will be overflowing with fishing activities, including the prestigious Fish O’Mania competition, where Britain’s best anglers battle it out for a whopping £25k prize.

Additional attractions include World Champs Alley, giving you the chance to meet the world’s best anglers as well as interactive zones where you can touch, try and test everything to do with fishing. The Go Fishing Show also looks set to be a record breaker, putting on the biggest coaching session ever staged around the complex’s ten fish-filled lakes.

Not only that, whilst the kids take advantage of the numerous fairground rides and attractions, you can shop ‘til you drop at our retail zone with all of the leading manufacturers. Entry to the show is by ticket only with prices starting from £10 for adults with kids going free on Sunday. For further information on all of the show’s attraction, log on to: Avid anglers can follow the Go Fishing Show on Twitter and Facebook at or


Notes to Editors:

Mary Roberts operates as an independent cognitive behavioural therapist practicing in the Shropshire area. She can be contacted on 01743 247046 or

Go Fishing Show survey response: Almost half of respondents said they get less than five hours a week to themselves and the most popular methods of relaxation were sport (33 per cent), pampering (33 per cent) and reading a book or magazine (31 per cent).

The survey highlighted that 48 per cent of men turn to sport to take time out with fishing being the most popular activity. Over half of all people responding have taken part in fishing activities in the past, with a quarter regularly participating in the sport highlighting its popularity. In contrast, just 33 per cent have ever participated in competitive football (11 per cent participate regularly), 35 per cent in golf (with 6 per cent playing golf regularly) and 43 per cent in mountain biking (with 17 per cent participating regularly).

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