Tuesday 28 September 2010

HiQ anticipating a hole lot of trouble

The HiQ fast fit network is urging motorists to take extra care on roads for the rest of the year, after it predicted a major surge in wheel and tyre damage this winter.

The network, with 150 centres across the UK, today said that wheel alignment related problems were up 20 per cent compared to September 2009.

With summer now firmly over and temperatures expected to drop, HiQ is advising motorists to be careful, as pot holes may start to show signs of reappearing.

HiQ’s fast fit manager Stuart Carr said: “Last winter, the damage caused to vehicles left many owners with unwanted bills, with specific damage to wheels, tyres and suspension.

“There is a huge need and demand for wheel alignment to be carried out correctly and we are in a position to do this.

“However, with the learnings from last year’s Big Freeze, we would urge motorists to take care on roads and continue to exercise as much caution as possible.

“Last year’s pot holes were horrendous. We saw around 20 extra pot hole related visits per week per centre, so the issue was a very real one.”

HiQ works closely with Pro-Align and has introduced the brand’s technology to a number of its forecourts already.

Pro-Align regional sales manager Greg Thompson said: “HiQ has stolen a march on its competitors with our wheel alignment systems.

“Hitting pot holes, speed humps and paving kerbs can all create mis-alignment. This will result in poor handling and an overall safety concern.

“We can’t stress enough the importance of regular tyre and alignment checks, and this equipment plays a big part.”
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