Tuesday 8 December 2009

HiQ network celebrate 1st anniversary

The HiQ fast fit network celebrated its 1st anniversary as a fully franchised network with a strong business performance by revealing an impressive increase in turnover, average ticket value and retail footfall.

In the first 12 months of operating as a fully franchised operation, retail turnover is up in double digit figures, average ticket value is up by more than 5 per cent and retail footfall has increased by more than 8 per cent.

The performance, in the context of the ongoing economic downturn, drew praise from both Juergen Titz, HiQ Retail Director and Goodyear Dunlop’s Managing Director Mark Brickhill.

But both still stressed the need for more improvement and expansion as HiQ celebrated its 1st anniversary at the network’s 3rd National Franchise Conference in 2009 at Albrighton Hall in Shrewsbury.

Juergen said: “2009 has been a challenging year. But the overall picture is that there is always room for individual entrepreneurial performance in a recession”.

“Is there room for winners in a recession? Definitely. The business performance of the group has proven this.”

Juergen cited the title sponsorship of the HiQ British Touring Car Championship and charity partnership with Breast Cancer Care as two examples of driving footfall and building retail demand, both of which franchisees have embraced and used to their advantage.

Mark Brickhill added: “What the HiQ network has achieved has been remarkable. If you look back 18 months, you would not be able to sit in a room like this, with people like this, boasting results like this.

“There is still much work to do, but overall, great progress has been made.”

Both Juergen and Mark stressed the importance of generating new retail business, and for franchisees to maximize a number of opportunities that present themselves through for example the partnership with Goodyear Dunlop. With initiatives such as the Goodyear Rugby Ready programme, HiQ’s own tyre safety and tyre checking programmes, there are many opportunities for franchisees to grow their retail business.

Juergen concluded: “We will continue to aggressively expand the network in 2010 and beyond using strong new business tools to drive the business forward.

“We believe that “local heroes” at each centre, coupled with our strong national retail brand, will make the difference in driving network growth”

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