Monday 21 December 2009


Autogas UK has welcomed comments from Inigo Palacio Prada, chairman of the Global Automotive Industry Network (GAIN), highlighting that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stands out as the ‘third fuel of choice for motorists’.

LPG represents a realistic alternative to petrol and diesel, with more than 14.6 million vehicles worldwide making the most of its financial and environmental benefits.

In an interview for Automotive Industries magazine(1), Inigo Palacio Prada explained how LPG not only saves money and reduces harmful emissions with no loss of engine performance but is also readily available right now, through the Autogas refuelling network – making it the third fuel of choice for motorists.

“Electric vehicles are no doubt going to emerge as an alternative to traditional automotive fuels at some stage in the future,” said Prada. “We must remember that Autogas can provide significant benefits over gasoline and diesel and is available here and now.”

Emma Bartle, spokesperson for Autogas Limited said: “We welcome the comments of Mr Prada, which echo our beliefs that LPG is the most accessible alternative to petrol and diesel currently available.

“Although electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, LPG is readily available right now, with a comprehensive refuelling network throughout the UK.

“Environmental concerns run deeper than just reducing CO2 emissions. Vehicles running on LPG do produce 17 per cent less carbon dioxide than petrol and 2 per cent less than diesel, but also 120 per cent less oxides of nitrogen than petrol and a staggering 2,000 per cent less than diesel, and up to 120 times less small particle (PM10) emissions than diesel vehicles(2).

“All of these other pollutants should also be considered when trying to improve urban air quality.

“And, of course, drivers are already reaping the benefits of reduced motoring costs. Forecourt prices of LPG are typically half that of petrol or diesel, making it attractive to individuals and commercial operators, and LPG motorists can benefit from up to 100 per cent exemption from the London Congestion Charge as well as lower company car tax or vehicle excise duty.”

Autogas is the UK’s leading supplier of LPG, with more than 200 refuelling sites and ambitious plans to expand the network further over the next year.To help drivers find their nearest LPG service station Autogas, a joint venture between Calor and Shell, offers a free to download ‘point of interest’ file for leading satellite navigation systems. Users can log onto or to upload the Autogas locator file so that no matter where you they are in the UK they can find their nearest Calor Autogas site.

GAIN is the network set up by the World LP Gas Association to promote Autogas to consumers and governments worldwide.

For further information on fuel supplies and bulk tank installation, contact Calor on 0800 216 659 or visit


1 Automotive Industries magazine, September 2009
2 Small particle emissions are related to health effects including increased risk of heart and lung disease and problems such as asthma. All figures taken form the EETP 2003

Notes to Editors
- There are around 1,400 public access vehicle refuelling sites in the UK in addition to which many businesses have their own “bunkered” facilities.

- LPG powered vehicles listed on the Powershift register can gain up to 100 per cent discounts and exemptions from the London congestion charge

- There are around 150,000 LPG vehicles on UK roads

- Finding your nearest Calor Autogas refuelling site couldn't be simpler – a file of retail sites is available for downloaded from the Autogas web site (

- A savings calculator can be found on

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