Wednesday 22 December 2010


With the onset of winter, motorists are switching to cold weather tyres to experience the benefits of these specialist tyres.

According to leading tyre specialist Goodyear, sales of cold weather tyres have increased by a massive 521 per cent following last year’s harshest winter for 30 years.

The news will be a welcome announcement for the secretary of state for Transport, Philip Hammond MP, who revealed that Britain’s resilience to cope with winter driving conditions would be better if people switched to cold weather tyres.

With weather conditions set to deteriorate even further over the coming months, Goodyear believes that the experience of last winter had already proved invaluable for drivers.

Kate Rock, PR support manager for Goodyear said: “Our European neighbours already understand the importance of fitting specialist cold weather tyres and the UK is now catching up.

“Safety conscious motorists are already converting and many more are considering the fitment of cold weather tyres. However, as more drivers become aware, tyre retailers need to stock up in order to meet demand.”

Goodyear is encouraging drivers to change their tyres urgently as most of the UK has already experienced the first fall of snow and with temperatures failing to reach 7°C. It also believes that a planned change is preferable than an impulse purchase.

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