Wednesday 3 February 2010


A Greater Manchester van centre has issued a safety warning to motorists following the recent ‘Big Freeze’.

The region’s official Volkswagen’s Van Centre has been inundated with motorists whose windscreen washer pumps and jets have failed during the cold weather, because they haven’t had the correct additives in their washer bottles; leading to many being unable to see safely through the windscreen.

In 2009 the centre fixed just six pumps or jets that had either stopped working or had blown a fuse, but in the first three weeks of 2010 over 25 have been repaired or fitted with a new fuse.

“The prolonged cold weather had led to an astonishing number of drivers experiencing pumps or washer jets freezing and either breaking or the fuse blowing,” said Jim Hobson, general manager, Volkswagen Van Centre Manchester.

“This can lead to windscreens becoming almost impossible to see through and an obvious safety hazard for motorists.

“To alleviate future problems in freezing conditions, motorists simply need to ensure the washer bottle is filled with a mixture of water and the correct additives.

“This should ensure the pump, pipes and jets work whatever the temperature, giving a safe clear screen for drivers to see through.”

With further cold weather forecast Jim is advising all motorists check their washer bottles are filled with correct levels of water and additives.

He added: “Any van drivers unsure about the correct levels can call into the Volkswagen Van Centre and one of our trained service advisors will help.”

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