Monday 22 February 2010

Leading motoring lawyer calls for new drivers to curb their speed

One of the UK’s leading motoring lawyers is calling for new drivers to slow down, drive more carefully and stop using their mobile phones at the wheel or face the possibility of joining the thousands of other recently passed drivers who have to take their tests again.

Catherine Junor, a partner at Higgs & Sons, the largest legal practice in the Black Country, counts high profile sports personalities, professionals and senior business leaders amongst her clients. Increasingly, her clients are asking her to act for their children who have recently passed their tests.

“Since 2007, 63,101 newly qualified drivers have gone on to lose their licence, within two years of passing their test.

“The number of new drivers whose licences have been revoked under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act is a staggering figure. Many new drivers are teenagers and as well as advising them to curb their behaviour at the wheel, I would call on parents and guardians to also be mindful of what kind of cars newly qualified drivers are using.”

Many parents may not be aware that in the two years following passing their driving test, it only takes six points for a newly qualified driver to have their licence revoked. The need to take your test again can hold huge consequences for people who require their vehicle for work or studying. In addition, a court case is the last thing someone needs who is just starting at University or on the career ladder.

Catherine said: “Revocation of a driving licence is not always a foregone conclusion. I would call on newly qualified drivers, parents and guardians, to ensure the right legal support is in place to avoid becoming just another number.”

To find out more you can contact Catherine directly on 0845 111 5050.

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