Friday 8 January 2010


As the ‘Big Freeze’ continues to grip the country and is bringing most of us to a standstill, there is one product out there that really can help us out in the treacherous conditions.

Lubricant specialists WD-40 is fast becoming a favourite of motorists, homeowners and businesses for its de-icing qualities and helping the nation get back on track. Normally used for cleaning, freeing rusty parts, stopping squeaks and freeing mechanisms, during the cold spell a good spray application from the famous WD-40 yellow and blue can frees frozen car locks, loosens padlocks and prevents windscreen washer spray nozzles from freezing.

WD-40’s senior brand manager, Neil Gow, said: “As people and businesses struggle to cope with the cold weather, many are now discovering the extra uses and benefits a can of WD-40 can provide.

“With over 2,000 uses, WD-40 is a product everyone just can’t do without, whatever the weather.

Other ways WD-40 can help with during cold weather include;

· Spraying on pipes and plumbing joints to stop them freezing
· Prevents snow sticking to shovels
· Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes/patio door runners
· Helps start wet damp engines

In conditions such as these a small investment in a can of WD-40 really can save people and businesses up and down the country a fortune.

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