Monday 19 October 2009


One of Britain’s best loved art brands has issued a plea to find anyone in the UK called Peter Parker, in a novel bid to launch an iconic Spider-Man painting product.

Reeves has joined forces with Marvel to spin the legendary Super Hero onto new Painting by Numbers art sets, in a massive coup for the craft industry.

The all action hero will be emblazoned on thousands of Painting by Numbers boards and Reeves now wants to find anyone by the name of Peter Parker to paint the first kits produced.

The painting sets feature two iconic Spider-Man designs, complete with New York skyline, and Reeves has made an appeal to find a member of the public who shares the same name as the boy behind the spider.

Reeves Painting by Numbers product manager Graham Curtis said: “As most of us know, it was Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider before gaining spider-like powers such as super-strength and the ability to climb walls.

“While we don’t expect such virtues to be bestowed on anyone living by the name of Peter Parker, we thought it would be nice to see if we can find one to help us launch our new product!”

Simon Philips, President, Worldwide Consumer Products for Marvel Entertainment, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Reeves and the new Spider-Man Painting by Numbers kits.

“And the idea of finding a real life Peter Parker is a great way of launching the painting sets, which are the first of their kind and expected to be best sellers.”

Anyone in the UK called Peter Parker should email to claim their Spider-Man Painting by Numbers gift set and leave their address details.


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