Tuesday 13 October 2009

Autogas Wins 'Green' Award

Green motoring has been given a boost this week as the UK’s leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier for the automotive market, Autogas, was awarded the national title of Alternative Fuel Supplier of the Year.

GreenFleet presented the accolade to highlight the company’s delivery and commitment to providing a reliable and readily available alternative fuel for the nation’s motorists. Vehicles running on LPG produce far fewer harmful emissions that contribute to environmental and health problems than traditional road fuels and LPG vehicles produce 17% less carbon dioxide than petrol and 2% less than diesel.

In addition to its environmental benefits, LPG can also cut the cost of motoring as LPG currently retails at around half the price of petrol and diesel* and offers up to 100 per cent exemption from the London Congestion Charge.

Autogas Limited’s National Marketing Coordinator, Emma Bartle, says the case for LPG is continually gaining momentum with the ongoing trend for greener products coupled with the financial benefits for drivers.

Emma explains: “We have seen more and more people switching to LPG mainly due to the desire to be more environmentally aware and, of course, the cost savings LPG can offer.

“Converting a vehicle to run on LPG can be done quickly and easily by an approved converter and costs around £1,800. Based on current fuel prices and an annual mileage of 20,000 miles it would take around 22 months to recoup this initial cost**.”

In 2008, 19 new companies joined the LPGA ‘approved installers’ scheme meaning a total of 192 approved installers are now available for drivers to modify their vehicles to run on LPG. In addition to this increase in approved installers, motorists now have over 1,400 LPG stations across the UK to fuel over 160,000 vehicles now being powered by LPG.

Emma adds: “LPG is by far the most widely available alternative fuel available in the UK, so drivers will not be far from an LPG station. Our handy fuel locator booklets and downloadable files for SatNavs ensure motorists can easily find their nearest LPG refueling station. What’s more motorists have the added flexibility and peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is ‘dual fuel’ meaning it can also run on petrol.”

For further information on fuel supplies and bulk tank installation, contact Autogas Limited on 01527 507800 or visit www.autogas.ltd.uk.


Notes to editors
Calor and Autogas advise that conversions should always be carried out by an LPGA Approved Installer and, as there are around 200 outlets currently registered in the UK, it is easy to find your nearest specialist – a full list of Approved Installers can be found at www.autogas.ltd.uk/lpg-conversion/lpg-vehicle-conversion.htm.

* Petrol, diesel and LPG prices taken from www.petrolprices.com (08.10.09)

Avg. 105.1p
Min. 101.8p
Max. 117.9p
Avg. 106.1p
Min. 101.9p
Max. 118.9p
Avg. 55.2p
Min. 47.9p
Max. 60.9

** Calculation assumes conversion fee of £1,800 including VAT with an annual mileage of 20,000 miles. Payback period equates to 22.03 months based on official combined consumption figures published on www.renault.co.uk for 2.0 16V Laguna Sport Tourer assuming a 20% reduction for LPG. National average fuel prices taken from www.fleetnews.co.uk. In order to calculate potential fuel savings, Autogas has made a savings calculator available on its web site: www.autogas.ltd.uk.

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