Tuesday 21 February 2012


A Merseyside primary school has thanked one of the city’s businesses for donating clothing to help keep its children safe during the dark mornings and evenings.

Hale C of E Primary School has received 50 fluorescent jackets to ensure the children are clearly visible when out walking to the local park and church for events.

The donation was made by Liverpool Volkswagen Van Centre and means the school no longer has to rely on borrowing high visibility jackets in future.

Marianne Mowatt, headteacher at Hale C of E Primary School, welcomed the delivery of the jackets.

She said: “Donations to the school are always welcome, but this one is important to keep the children together in a safe way while outside of the school’s premises.

“The children are very excited about the jackets and I can’t thank Liverpool Volkswagen Van Centre enough for them.

“We often take the children on walks around the village, including to the church and park, so having them clearly visibly, especially at this time of year, is vital.”

Liverpool Volkswagen Van Centre has been based in Speke for just over one year and the centre’s head of business, Dave Cowan, is always looking at ways of forging links with the local community.

He said: “The van centre is delighted to be able to provide the school’s children with the jackets as it reinforces one of the key criteria for Volkswagen, namely safety.

“As a relatively new business to the area it’s vital to integrate it with the local community and we’ll continue to find ways of doing so.

“It’s great to see young children making use of the jackets and we hope they are encouraged to wear safe clothing after leaving school.”

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