Friday 11 February 2011

Connect PR's week in words!

It’s been a case of trains, planes and automobiles this week in the wonderful world of Connect PR.

Let’s stay on track by talking trains first. On behalf of Chiltern Railways, we were at Moor Street in Birmingham today with the company’s director Thomas Ableman.

He announced plans to transform travel between Birmingham and London, before unveiling a countdown clock marking 100 days until the Chiltern Mainline begins.

With reporters from a host of media channels eager for more information, we were delighted to be able to assist in such a prestigious project.

With the rail tracks covered, the sky is the limit – quite literally - which is where we bring in the planes part.

Our client Goodyear is reaching for sky with its road safety plans, and has called on its iconic institution of the air to capture everyone’s imagination.

Okay, so it isn’t technically a plane, but the Goodyear Blimp is flying back into view across the UK this year, and we are busy working with the esteemed brand to maximize coverage around it.

The blimp has graced the sky for more than 85 years and has established a reputation for being a ‘guardian angel’ for the company. We’re excited to be involved in a new chapter for the blimp, so forgive us if our heads are in the clouds every now and then.
Now onto those automobiles.

With the HiQ fast fit network and Volkswagen passenger cars as clients, we are always steering their names into a number of high profile publications.
This week has been no different as a Valentine’s Day survey amongst HiQ motorists gave us a number of headlines to work with.

According to our research, men have more love for their cars than they do their partners, who tend to moan a lot more than an everyday engine, apparently.

We were stunned by the results, judging by everyone’s plans here in the office.
Zoe and Becki have bought tastebud tingling meals for their loved ones, while Lucas is going to Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant with his partner.

Mind you, Rich did take part in the questionnaire and he’s taking his other half to his local boozer – once he’s watched the Monster Trucks on Eurosport.
Who says romance is dead eh? Have a great weekend!
Connect PR

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