Friday 25 February 2011

Connect PR's week in words!

We’re many things here at Connect PR, but horticultural experts ain’t one of them!

We do prepare, plant and cultivate on a daily basis, but more with a blossoming crop of press cuttings in mind.

There’s no need to genetically engineer results for our clients either. We always find that some tender loving care, hard work and attention to detail does the trick.

You’re probably wondering why are we using this tenuous gardening analogy, when our fingers are more black than green, from thumbing through the national newspapers every day.

Well, for those of you still with us, we thought we’d link our weekly blog back to our poor office tree, which is withered, brittle and barely still with us.

We’ve taken a stand and are embarking on a mission to not only save the specimen, but to give it the best chance of growing and flourishing once more (basically, we’re watering it).

We will keep you updated with the Tree of Salvation’s progress over the next few months (pictured with handsome Ben), but if it gets the same treatment as some of our clients have been of late, then it will be in safe hands!

We are reaping the rewards of our Scouts DIY Activity Badge initiative for WD-40, which is beginning to flourish nicely.

Scout Groups across the UK are telling WD-40 how they have used their DIY and scouting skills to make a difference to their community with the overall winning group receiving £500 to use for equipment, materials or resources for their group.

A bumper harvest of press cuttings have also come in for Uponor, our underfloor heating and plumbing client, courtesy of some more careful preparation in previous weeks.

Underfloor heating systems aren’t just a stylish contemporary asset to a home, but a really cost effective, energy efficient way of keeping comfortable.

The UK’s number one underfloor heating specialist has now gone a step further, introducing a range of air to water heat pumps to its family of products, as it looks to broaden its domestic heating solutions.
Uponor has entered the heat pump market after identifying a high demand for the energy efficient product, which is seen as an ideal accompaniment to its existing underfloor heating and plumbing systems.
So good are Uponor’s heating solutions that we were thinking of implementing one into the Chubb Buildings – until we remembered that our tree might need a bit of time to adjust!
Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Connect PR

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