Tuesday 27 October 2009

LPG Boost for High Performance Vehicles

There is a commonly held view that running a car on LPG can reduce acceleration and power. But try telling that to one of the UK’s quickest drivers, British Touring Car Championship star Tom Onslow-Cole, who, with the help of Calor has set the record straight once and for all.

Leading LPG supplier Calor has always acknowledged the benefits of Autogas LPG for high performance cars, but now the theory has really been put to the test. Working together with Approved Installers Prins, Calor has converted a 2 litre Honda Civic Type R to run on Autogas with fantastic results.

Tom Onslow-Cole, who is often seen on the BTCC podium, took the Type R for a spin on the race track, with amazing results.

Tom said: “I was taken aback by the performance of the converted Type R. It handled superbly as you’d expect, but the response of the engine increased.

“The overall performance of the car was better and more powerful, making it a far better track car than I could have imagined. I was really impressed with the car, which was extremely quick around the track. ”

Not only has the performance of the Honda improved, it has been consistently delivering combined consumption figures of 28 mpg when running on LPG. Compared to the manufacturer’s quoted combined figure of 31mpg for its unmodified version, and given that LPG is currently retailing at under half the price of petrol*, the converted Honda has delivered a saving of over 42 per cent, without any noticeable changes to its performance.

Click here to see a video of Calor's LPG Honda in action trackside

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